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Han Solo Burger - High There DC

We had not heard of Han Solo Burger before so we thank recreational (i-71) service High There DC for bringing it to our attention with this big and beefy sample. An indica dominant hybrid known for its intensely sedative effects, she's a cross of GMO Cookies and Larry OG that will send you into total relaxed euphoria faster than the Millennium Falcon.


While it's likely that this is "light dep" grown in a greenhouse setting, the coloration, trichome coverage, and aroma all make apparent that this was still cultivated at a high level and from excellent genetics. It's one worth pursuing as your indica to roll up with this weekend from effects alone, but the exotic flavor is also something to experience in a fat blunt or cone. This is especially if you want to see everyone at your cookout get super bleary-eyed stoned and eat everything but the picnic table. Just imagine, you hit the blunt a few times, look up, and suddenly everyone looks like they should be dancing around some dimly-lit tavern on an alien world called Tatooine.


With intense density and immense size, I recommend bringing your grinder (or lightsaber) to help with breaking up these buds. Of course, this will also assist in catching some of the massive trichomes likely to fall off in the process. Apparently, Han Solo Burgers are non only purple, green, and white, they're also oversized and as sturdy as a Chewbacca. Of course, what else would you expect a Wookiee to burn down on?


Perfect for any Star Wars adventure - be that in your mind or watching on TV - hit up High There DC and get some Han Solo Burger delivered ASAP. They'll use their hyperspace drive, jump to light speed, and have it to you in less than 12 parsecs. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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