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Happy Dab Day! Here Are Five Dab-Worthy Concentrates in DC Right Now

For all my older heads out there, if you're not familiar with Dab Day don't worry, it's fairly new. Why is July 10th known as Dab Day, you might ask? It's quite simple really. If you turn 710 around and upside down it spells "OIL" and those cannabis enthusiasts out there who love their concentrates have therefore claimed it as their day to partake in the use of all types of cannabis oils and extracts. So, to help everyone celebrate the day in an optimal fashion, we've reviewed some of our favorite concentrates available in Washington DC right now, below...


Fish Scale Diamond Sauce - MASC

We are big fans of things that are deliciously terp laden here at Toker's Guide and when presented with specimens like this mega terpalicious Fish Scale diamond sauce from DC i-71 cannabis dispensary, MASC, our collective taste buds start salivating almost uncontrollably.


In aroma this one is staggeringly potent and shoots straight up your nostrils to your brain, almost getting you high just from the olfactory rush. When ripped down in the "Mighty" from Storz & Bickel at a setting of 367 degrees Fahrenheit, however, this aroma turns into an even more delectable flavor that will keep you wanting more and more. With notes of pine, lemon, and fuel it's almost more like sampling options at a soda machine than concentrate.


In terms of effects, this one runs mostly balanced, but did have uplifting effects for me. The Sour Diesel is the sativa influence in the lineage and this was sort of obvious in my opinion.

Overall, we loved the flavor and effects combo and felt that it represents a great daytime option. Head to MASC today to grab some for yourself and you can be dabbing it in your own rig in no time!

Grape Maximus Hash Rosin - Elevated Lounge

Like a gladiator of ancient Rome this Grape Maximus Hash Rosin from DC i-71 cannabis dispensary, Elevated Lounge, has legendary power and can outright slaughter any ailments with the best of them, all while providing an astoundingly delicious grape flavor.


As a hybrid it's got the energy levels and head rush to keep you going strong, but also the feel good indica euphoria that will keep you calm and smiling from ear to ear.


Overall, we couldn't get over how flavorful and grapey this specimen turned out to be and the quality is absolutely impeccable as evidenced by the light tan color and soft waxy consistency.

No need to enter any coliseum to experience this one for yourself, instead, simply take your chariot down to Elevated Lounge today and they'll fill your coffers on the spot.

Dosicut Badder - The Gift Givers

To really take a load off and navigate to another headspace consider the astounding indica-heavy potency of this Dosicut from DC i-71 cannabis delivery service, The Gift Givers.


As a Do-Si-Dos pheno its indica dominance is no joke and can create tingles of euphoria throughout your whole body upon first exhale.

In flavor, this one is gassy and buttery with notes of pine and fresh cut floral arrangements. There's also hints of something fuel-like and slightly skunky, which makes sense given the aromatic profile of the flower.


Overall, the potency and terpy deliciousness of this one made us lay back and take note of how remarkable it is - and it's not even the most expensive one on their menu. To get some of this Dosicut for your rig today just place your order with The Gift Givers ASAP.

Papaya Mintz Live Resin - The Treehouse/Buddha Buddy DC

With notes that seem like actual fresh papaya in your face this Papaya Mintz live resin sample from DC i-71 cannabis dispensary, The Treehouse, is absolutely delectable.


It also comes with an intense body buzz that's full of euphoria and lots of calming vibes. Great for loading up in the portable vape and sneaking to the pool (pina colada optional), I found it to be just the right level of relaxation I needed on an otherwise hectic Monday.


Make sure you don't have anything productive left to do, however, as there are some disorienting and sedative effects - ones that can lead to couch-lock if you're not careful.

To grab some super delicious Papaya Mintz and have a mini tropical vacation during your next dab session just head to The Treehouse (or order delivery from Buddha Buddy DC) today!

GSC Live Resin - The Garden

An old school strain say some at this point, but I say GSC has always had a uniquely awesome high that is thoroughly enjoyable and quite versatile. In live resin form, these special traits are even more pronounced and the sumptuous body high becomes totally palpable.


As always with great GSC, the aroma has that sort of sugary breadiness combined with notes of fuel and chem. This profile is very pungent and intense in this format and we're super psyched that DC i-71 cannabis dispensary, The Garden, graced us with this phenomenal classic.


Great for nearly any time of day, but best in the late afternoons, this is another one that melds perfectly with carefree summertime activities. Head to The Garden today to pick up a jar of this golden goodness for your own stash.

We hope everyone has a HAPPY 710!!!

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