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Hemp-infused Sunday Seltzer - Crooked Run Fermentation (Sterling, VA)

Each Sunday Seltzer is made with the highest quality hemp and pasteurized juice with no artificial flavors. I mistakenly passed up trying it because I'm not a fan of ginger and that's what they had at first. But, with everyone raving about them, I was really glad when I got to try all of their other flavors - they're SO delicious! I think I assumed it was going to have that bong water taste to it like some others I have tried in the past, but not with Sunday Seltzer.


The “Golden Gems” (Lemon) looks and tastes like a regular seltzer with a splash of fresh lemon juice. The “Sweet & Juicy” (Blackberry) reminds me of those trendy fruit fusion water bottles filled with fresh blackberries. I can’t stress enough the FRESH part of that. Lastly, I tried the “Sweet & Juicy” (Passionfruit) flavor and it was just as fresh and delicious.


There's no added sugar, just carbonated water, blackberry juice, and the finest broad spectrum hemp extract (20 mg per 12 fl oz). Each can contains 1% juice and has a "best by" date stamped on the bottom of each can to ensure you get a top quality product. This CBD seltzer is also made local to the DMV in Potomac, MD with hemp sourced here in the United States.


Sunday Seltzer from Crooked Run Fermentation is the perfect way to get through a shift and still be able to go out and mingle with your friends, or make new ones, minus the alcohol. It can be found at other Local Breweries and Smoke Shops in the DMV area, but a complete list of where it's available will be up soon at


So head over to Crooked Run Fermentation or Sterling Smoke & Vape to grab some Sunday Seltzer and don’t forget to let them know you heard about them from Yoshi at Toker’s Guide. Like and follow to stay up to date on what’s new and good in the medical and recreational cannabis world here in the DMV.

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