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Highuasca by Cannabiotix - Treehouse & Buddha Buddy DC

Strain: Highuasca

Dispensary: Treehouse, Buddha Buddy

Service Type: Storefront, Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

If you're not familiar with Cannabiotix (CBX), they're a boutique cannabis company renowned for their dedication to high-quality cultivation and unique strains. Currently, you can find their Highuasca strain via DC marijuana delivery service Buddha Buddy and storefront dispensary Treehouse.

Highuasca is a visionary cultivar that promises a profound and enchanting experience. It's often described as a “holy matrimony” between the cult classic White Walker OG and the new school staple Cereal Milk. This unique combination results in a powerful and moving strain that stands out for its ability to provide a deep, next-level cannabis experience. Highuasca is celebrated for its rich, gas-heavy profile and complex sensory attributes, making it a noteworthy addition to any cannabis enthusiast’s repertoire.



Highuasca’s visual presentation is striking and reminiscent of its potent lineage:

  • Color: The buds exhibit a vibrant purple and green coloring, providing a rich, natural look that is both inviting and indicative of its robust nature.

  • Structure: The nuggets are tight and dense, reflecting meticulous cultivation practices. Their compact structure suggests a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Trichomes: A generous coating of resinous trichomes gives the buds a sparkling appearance, evoking an aura of ancient magic. This dense trichome layer not only contributes to the strain’s potency but also enhances its visual appeal.


Highuasca offers a complex and enticing aromatic profile:

  • Primary Notes: A dominant gas-heavy aroma hits upfront, characterized by classic OG undertones that are earthy and pungent.

  • Secondary Hints: Subtle hints of sweet vanilla and a light floral note emerge upon closer inspection, adding a layer of sophistication to the scent. This combination of powerful gas and sweet undertones creates a memorable aromatic experience that speaks to both its White Walker OG and Cereal Milk heritage.



Highuasca’s flavor profile is robust and full-bodied, echoing its aromatic qualities:

  • Inhale: The initial taste is rich with old-school kush and a pronounced funk that cannabis connoisseurs will find deeply satisfying. The gas-heavy notes dominate the palate, delivering a classic OG taste.

  • Exhale: On the exhale, users will notice lingering flavors of sweet vanilla and a faint creaminess, providing a balanced finish to the heavy gas notes. This complex flavor makes Highuasca an enchanting smoke that appeals to those who appreciate depth and nuance in their cannabis experience.


Highuasca’s lineage plays a crucial role in its distinctive characteristics:

  • Parent Strains: Highuasca is a cross between Cereal Milk and White Walker OG.

  • Cereal Milk contributes its sweet, creamy, and vanilla-forward flavors, known for producing a balanced and euphoric high.

  • White Walker OG adds its potent gas-heavy profile and strong, relaxing effects, known for its profound physical and mental impact.

  • Phenotype: The specific phenotype, # 273, has been selected for its unique expression of the best traits from both parent strains, ensuring a balanced and high-quality experience.



Highuasca delivers a comprehensive array of effects that provide both mental and physical benefits:

  • Mental Effects: Users report a euphoric, uplifting high that melts away the ego and reconnects them with a sense of wonder and creativity. This cerebral elevation enhances mood and can inspire introspection and joy, making it ideal for creative endeavors or deep relaxation.

  • Physical Effects: The strain offers a creeping physical high that starts slowly in the legs and gradually expands throughout the body. This powerful body effect provides a tranquil and soothing experience, ideal for unwinding and relieving physical tension.

  • Primary Terpenes: The effects are influenced by a rich terpene profile, primarily limonene (citrus, mood elevation), linalool (floral, calming), and pinene (pine, alertness), which together create a balanced and multi-dimensional high.


With its impressive lineage, gas-heavy aroma, complex flavor profile, and potent effects, this batch of CBX Highuasca offers a deeply enriching cannabis experience. Whether you’re seeking a profound mental journey or soothing physical relief, it delivers a high that makes it a go-to in the competitive DC cannabis market. To check it out for yourself just head to Treehouse or place your delivery order with Buddha Buddy ASAP. Don't forget to let them know that Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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