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Kimbo Kush Live Rosin - gLeaf (VA Medical)

Strain: Kimbo Kush

​Dispensary: gLeaf

​Market: VA Medical

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Indica

Initial Thoughts:

After smoking my fair amount of gLeaf’s live rosin I told myself not to waste any more money on their darker looking products. I’ve found them tasting similar to one another and the effects lacking, but this Kimbo Kush blows them all out of the water. Coming in at 75.32% THC and 6.31% Terps, this strain is a heavy hitter. If gLeaf starts dropping more rosin like this, they'll start heading in the right direction, and I’d gladly pick up more!



It came out of the box looking dried out but after whipping it and letting it settle you can see the shimmer of terps coating the outside.


A highly pungent gassy/fuel smell.


Finally! A rosin strain that doesn't taste like every single other one on the menu. Kimbo Kush has a deep diesel taste followed up by a refreshing hint of fruitiness. I never thought gLeaf would make a rosin that I enjoy this much, but here we are.



Kimbo Kush is the result of crossing Blackberry Kush x Starfighter. I found the terpene profile interesting. The three highest are β-caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, each one coming in at over 1%.



This stuff hits me like a bus.🚌 The combination of the high THC percentage and the terpene profile make for a really enjoyable high. Β-caryophyllene is good for pain management and relaxing, while Limonene has an uplifting effect and brings a sense of euphoria. This means it won't necessarily lock you into the couch, but still gives you a warm calming body high.


I really enjoyed this strain and hope gLeaf can continue to push out products like this. I can't say this about many gLeaf strains but I definitely would purchase this one again. Anyone who loves to dab indicas can’t go wrong with this batch of Kimbo Kush rosin.


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