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Kush Mintz x Do-si-dos - The Gift Givers

Sometimes the photos of the buds we review speak for themselves. I feel that's the case with this absolutely spectacular batch of Kush Mintz x Do-si-dos from the always kind and courteous staff at The Gift Givers. They're a recreational (i-71) delivery service that's been bringing some serious fire recently, but this is definitely their best gift offering yet. 🙌

Despite the photos, we might as well tell you a little bit about the strain and her inputs. If you're not familiar, Dos-si-dos is an indica dominant hybrid with GSC and Face Off OG in the lineage. She's typically very sedative and couch-locking, but working in concert with the more balanced (50/50) Kush Mintz the lazy factor is mitigated. For example, I didn't have to peel myself up off the couch to write this article, and I feel extra light and fuzzy doing it.


Bong rips are a must with this cut in my opinion. I just love the flavor and aroma which is equal parts skunky, nutty, creamy, and minty. It's so addictive from an olfactory sense that you may want to spend extra time with your nose in the pack. Similarly, I found myself saying, "ok just one more hit of that one," because the flavor makes you want to rip it again and again and again.


Did I mention she's fresh too? Look at all those hyper-white and twinkling trichomes freaking EVERYWHERE. Incredible! She's also sticky as a MF so if you're going to roll this up let the grounds settle in the open air for about 30 min to an hour. This will help prevent the clogged joint effect. Of course, if you can't wait that long because she's too ready to tickle your fancy then, again, grab the bong or bowl and the flavor will reward you for your (justified) lack of patience.

Hit up The Gift Givers today and get this gift of phenomenal Kush Mintz x Do-si-dos for your own stash today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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