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*****LA Kookies - Top Secret DC*****

When LA does Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), they don't play around. This batch of LA Kookies from Top Secret DC is GSC crossed with GSC offspring OG Kush Breath, making for the most amazing cookie-mouthed cannabis bash you can imagine. This one gets 5 stars for sure!

The effects are warm and fuzzy, much like a traditional GSC, and without couch lock. In fact, I would say that this version is considerably more energetic than most Indica leaning hybrids.

The aroma is very, very sweet with obvious cookie/cake like notes that are also abundantly apparent in the flavor. When smoked, the savoriness gives away to almost a skunky, coffee

like aftertaste. Maybe a coffee with 2 sugars and some cream? But wait, seems like there are fruity notes as

well when rolled in a joint. So complex and so


I don't think I need to talk about the cultivator or cure

on this one - it's getting 5 stars, enough said. Just in

case you need to hear it though, this is a perfect specimen of the variety.

Do yourself the favor that you'll be thanking yourself for the rest of the week and schedule an appointment with Top Secret DC ASAP to add this lovely lady to your stash!



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