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Lamb's Bread - Street Lawyer Services

It's noted that throughout the world the most popular Easter symbol is the lamb. Accordingly, it has also been considered a lucky sign to come across a lamb around Easter time (among other times). Biblical connection or otherwise Bob Marley is said to have called a certain Jamaican landrace cultivar known as "Lamb's Bread" his favorite strain. Well tokers, it's Easter weekend, this strain is called Lamb's Bread, and it has an image of Bob Marley burning a massive joint on the top of the jar. I guess all we can say is thanks for the good luck - and future legal advice - Street Lawyer Services! <<<(they sell legal time with gifts of cannabis)

That's right, we decided to check out the famous storefront that is Street Lawyer Services and, we gotta tell you, it was pretty refreshing. The atmosphere was bright, clean, and vibrant. There was no pressure, but things were definitely streamlined and optimized (in a delightful manner). There was no sitting room - but that might be a good thing considering the potency levels of some indica specimens on hand 😂 .

No, this was reminiscent of the pleasant early west coast dispensary vibe of "Hey how can I help you? Something you were looking for, specifically?" Then they help you pick a jar and - no presto change-O behind the scenes - that's the jar you get. Plus, the whole and out in like 5 minutes! It only took slightly more time to find parking. Anyhow, my point is that if you're in a time crunch and you just wanna hit the walk-in of cannabis, this is where it's at (as long as they're not too crowded).

Back to the Lamb's Bread, there's good reason why Bob called this his...ehem..."jam". It's an uplifting cerebral sativa varietal that helps you keep jamming as long as you're rolling it up. Interestingly, like most great sativa landraces, it also has a very mystic, hazy sense to it. One that brings to light the more spiritual side of ganja, which has been evident among humanity for ages. One also continuously noted by Marley in his music and teachings.

This holy, spiritual, beautiful (really anything you'd like to call it) weekend I recommend checking out:

1). The comforting nature of being able to go to a cannabis storefront in DC and get weed on demand at any (reasonable) time. This is still such a fantastic thing to behold here in the Nation's Capital - I encourage you to feel how liberating it is!

2). The positively mesmerizing effects you feel after rolling up some of a legendary Jamaican musician's absolute favorite bud.

Will you get good luck from simply scooping up a jar of Lambs Bread for yourself? I can't say for certain. As a weed smoker, will you ever need the legal advice you purchase from Street Lawyer Services anymore with all the decriminalization at hand? We hope and pray you don't. Are you going to enjoy reggae music more by burning some of this weed? Yes. Yes, of course you are 😉 .


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