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Live Resin Cake Badder Line-up - Evermore / The Living Room

Maryland’s medical market has produced a prolific concentrate industry that towers head and shoulders over the eastern seaboard markets in both quality and safety. Generally I am not the biggest fan of regulations but when it comes to novel products designed to be ingested by humans in novel ways, you better believe that I want the whole supply chain tested and accounted for. From vitamin E acetate to heavy metals to residual solvents to fake oils, the concentrate market has been plagued by scandals and sub-quality, often dangerous products.

Maryland avoids most of this scandal by having a highly regulated medical industry that is required to test everything for safety, cannabinoid potency and terpene concentrations in a transparent and accessible manner. This allows for a thriving market of super quality concentrates vetted through a trusted supply chain process that alleviates the insecurity of buying concentrated oil products.

Needless to say, all of Maryland’s concentrate companies are churning out an amazing array of products relative to other state markets and relative to the various gray and black markets still in operation today. But what about relative to one another? Who in Maryland is coming out with fire batches of oil time and time again?

Well this is exactly the question we set out to answer, and after many purchases, many dabs, and a whole lot of munchies we have made our decision! I am super proud to present Evermore Cannabis Company’s live resin Cake Badder line, our favorite concentrate product line in Maryland! These are a broad array of luscious, creamy, badders made from hand chosen, often in house genetics, done in small batches from fresh frozen product that will always offer a top shelf experience.


For my money, I always go for live resin products as they are typically the freshest, terpiest dabs on the market and Evermore Cannabis’s cake badders are exclusively live resin products so naturally I gravitate towards them. Additionally, they are one of the few companies running small batch breeding projects that push the envelope of east coast genetics and the way they evaluate new strains is by converting their test crop to concentrate and sending the profile to market via their Cake Badder line. If Maryland feedback is good for their profiles then they know they have a genetic worth pursuing, if it doesn’t connect with the Maryland community then they don’t pursue it. Honestly this is a really great community mechanism that helps Evermore as a company produce top shelf products with strong market viability and us as a community get access to products of a certain caliber that are virtually inaccessible in other markets.

There is something so fun about being able to explore new breeding projects in oil form and be able to provide feedback that a local company can then incorporate in a way that makes the state’s community better and more unique as a whole. Sadly I could not try every one they have to offer but I did get excellent examples of 3 of their badders that really touched my endocannabinoid system.

Without further ado;

Deadband 7 - 82.78% total cannabinoids, 7.36% total terpenes - 2.81% myrcene, 1.63% limonene, .73% caryophyllene, .66% linalool


Deadband #7 is Evermore’s #7 phenotype cut of this illustrious Headband x Skunk #1 cross from Dominion Seed Company. This aromatic and delicately golden, creamy dollop of cannabis excellence truly warms the heart and tranquilizes the rest of your anatomy. Heavy on the myrcene, this dab is tempered by a delicious array of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool which help spin this dab into the heavier side of the effect spectrum. Myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool is my favorite sedative terpene combination but having the brightness of the limonene prevents a total couch fog, evening out into the perfect mellow stoney effect that I truly adore.

The aroma is an effervescent earthy and piney overtone that is underscored by light fruity notes. One of the things that makes the Skunk #1 a special genetic to work with and ultimately what gave it its name, is its unique ability to uptake and store higher concentrations of sulphur. It’s those sulfur deposits that give out the true skunky odor that old heads crave but sometimes rubs the newer cannabis consumer the wrong way. This Deadband doesn’t retain the skunky funk, but the foresty, earthy funk is absolutely present and accounted for. Behind that are layers of berry fruits that are hard to discern at first but really shine on the exhale of your first low temp dab. To me, the Deadband #7 cake badder’s essence is like moss on an evergreen tree next to day old cherries, left behind from a picnic and just starting to release their funky, sunbleached odor.

Blue Cookies - 84.48% total cannabinoids, 5.8% total terpenes - 1.73% myrcene, 1.26% limonene, 1.06% caryophyllene, .46% linalool


This dab has been one of my personal favorites for months now as it is one of the most aromatic and flavorful dessert dabs on the market. Extracted from the extremely beautiful Blue Cookies flower, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Jamaican Blueberry, Evermore has absolutely created a constant crowd favorite with their iteration of this luxurious concentrate. You’ll notice the terpene profile seems quite similar to the Deadband #7 however the effects and flavor are quite different. It just goes to show that all of the nuanced micro amounts of terpenes truly make profound differences on the flavor, aroma and effect of a product, even when their dominant terpenes are relatively similar.

The Blue Cookies live resin cake badder is definitely on the heavier side of the spectrum and indeed produces a foggier, stonier high than the Deadband but the flavor and aroma of the experience is brighter, fruitier, and more sweet. As a high tolerance, chronic pain baby, I enjoy Blue Cookies dabs all day because it is supremely excellent at relieving my whole body inflammation however dabber beware, there is a drowsy onset that occurs with this dab so for the average toker it is typically a nighttime affair. In all honesty, it makes for an excellent dessert dab, not only preparing you for bed but allowing you to luxuriate in delicious blueberry, creamy gas notes on top of a faint earthy cookie undertone. It smells like a blueberry parfait sitting in a kitchen where the oven is baking a blueberry/raisin muffin and the faint whiff of cooking gas intermingles throughout. Fruit, gas, and baked goods are the hallmark of the Blue Cookies scent and I personally adore this concentrate variety.

Peanut Butter Pinwheel - 85.36% total cannabinoids, 9.69% total terpenes - 2.76% limonene, 1.59% myrcene, 1.3% pinene, 1.1% linalool


This tantalizing morsel of concentrated cannabis goodness is called Peanut Butter Pinwheel, one of Evermore’s relatively recent drops, and it is the fire we have come to yearn for from our favorite producers. This seems like a new one of their little breeding and blending experiments since I have not been able to find anything about the lineage of this strain but I think it will soon be written about and known in the Maryland market as one of the tastier and more interesting dabs out there. First, it is a limonene dominant strain which instantly makes it a crowd favorite. Limonene acts as a serotonin dump, creating the euphoric happiness that is so often sought after in cannabis. Anything dominant in this terpene is like a direct injection of sunshine to the brain, whether it falls on the “indica” or “sativa” side of the spectrum.

Second, its aroma is fairly unique. There is an earthy nuttiness in the background but the foreground has more of a gassy, florally vibe. I get notes of pine-sol, lavender, evergreen, wildflower, moss, lilac, and bits of sweet almond and hazelnut. A whiff is as if one is falling down a mountain, tumbling through forest, meadow and orchard in a cascade of aromas that ultimately has you at the mountain’s base, wanting to climb back to the top onle to tumble through the aromas again and again. This cycle of nuances really is enticing and for people who truly love cannabis, this is one of the pinnacles of quality one can look for. To be so robust and nuanced as to speak to such a spectrum of scents that play a game of musical chairs around my olfactory system is truly rare and delightful. Evermore really pushes out some of the highest quality cannabis products in Maryland and I look forward to their future drops. For now, the Peanut Butter Pinwheel has earned its place in my heart and in my budget. I will be enjoying this dab for days to come!


You can find Evermore products at a variety of medical dispensaries in Maryland, but we got these from The Living Room right outside of Baltimore. More on them in an upcoming review soon! Be sure to subscribe and we'll keep you posted.


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