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Miami Breeze & Stoney Sunrise - Stoneade

With the winter months barreling down on us it only gets colder from here, folks. Get ready to drink cider, hot chocolate, and exchange that iced latte for a piping hot cuppa. For me, with all the body warming drinks in the world, I still can't help thinking about, and looking forward to, warmer times...summer times to be exact. Maybe there's a way to take a quick mental vacation, or trick my mind in to thinking I'm sailing away to the tropics somewhere?


This was the moment I remembered the delightful new gifts I had from splendid DC i-71 infused beverage service, Stoneade. What better way to refresh my frozen taste buds than to hit these fruity subtropical-themed lemonades? If you can't spend Christmas in the tropics, at least you can pretend, right?

I've sampled many, many bottles from their classic menu such as guava, black cherry, and raspberry lemonade. This time, however, they sent over some of their ✨specialty drinks✨ by the names of Miami Breeze & Stoney Sunrise. These add a summertime twist to the holiday season for sure and pack the same heady punch as the classic versions.


The Miami Breeze is their traditional lemonade with the addition of fresh pineapple juice and Blue Curacao. The Stoney Sunrise, on the other hand, is the stoner's version of the famous Baja drink, Tequila Sunrise. It features fresh-squeezed OJ topped with sweet cherry grenadine. Instead of alcohol, though, these cocktails put you into that more tropical state of mind with 300mg THC per drink. When can they start having boat drinks like these on cruises?


With a wide variety of lemonade-style infused specialty drinks, made with fresh-squeezed natural fruit juices, just about any of their drinks will take you on a fantastic voyage replete with the mellowest of vibes. For me, all I had to do was close my eyes, sip my Miami Breeze, and drift off to some Bob Marley for my little Stoneade "staycation" to be in full effect.

With customer service as delightful as their drinks, hit up Stoneade today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you to get your free party pack!


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