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Midnight Sherbert - Elevated Lounge DC

Happy Turkey Day Eve tokers! I know that many of you are psyched - just as I am - to spark something before the big feast tomorrow to help stimulate your appetite that much more. Well allow me to submit this Midnight Sherbert as a candidate for that mission. It's available right now (and on Thanksgiving itself) from one of our favorite DC i-71 storefronts, Elevated Lounge DC.

It's full, dense, and some might called it "chunky", but when you crack her open you'll know that you stumbled upon something special. The flavor and aroma are an abundance of fruitiness with notes of something quite gassy or diesel like. The flavor is especially pronounced in a joint and enough to kick your salivary glands into over drive - totally a benefit for the turkey feast ahead.

A cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, we're not quite sure where the "midnight" name comes in, but speculation is that it's due to the deep dark purple hues that smatter each bud. People tend to think that purplish coloration is a mostly indica trait, but note that this varietal does run slightly sativa-heavy. That means while everyone else is going comatose from the tryptophan laden turkey, you'll have just enough energy to finish the stuffing AND the mashed potatoes!

So as you put together your last minute, pre-feast grocery run, don't forget to stop by Elevated Lounge DC and grab some of this fantastic Midnight Sherbert for yourself. If you feel like getting something for the post dinner toast session you can't go wrong picking up some of their wood tipped Cannahiba "Cannon" pre-rolls as well. They go a long, long way and can easily help you fully recover from over mastication! 😂🤦‍♂️

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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