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Mimosa - District Firehouse

Another great specimen you should check out this weekend is this Mimosa from DC i-71 delivery service, District Firehouse. It's a much more skunky, gassy cut than I've seen of this cultivar in recent memory, and that makes for a delightfully tasty experience given the coexisting, more traditional citrus notes.


One of the great aspects of District Firehouse's customer care is their nifty, branded and labeled jars. Not only do these jars keep your greenery in better condition, when they slip an Integra Boost humidity control pack under each cap it keeps the aroma and flavor on point that much more! Though I obviously tampered with it - because apparently I'm unable to hold a jar with out opening it for a swift whiff - they use tamper evident stickers on the jars as another way to ensure freshness.

Inside the jar, you'll find some pungent and potent nuggets that were clearly cultivated to near perfection. The trichomes are just starting to turn over from mostly starry to white and this flower will only get more and more white over the coming days/weeks, if it lasts that long.


Zoomed in you can see the impressive layers of resin glands, but also notice the stark contrast between the turquoise and deep midnight blue. Many times Mimosa will run purple, especially on its sugar leaves. In this case, the purple and deep blues run onto the bracts as well.


A sativa dominant hybrid cross of famous flavor phenoms Purple Punch and Clementine, the previously mentioned purple could be evidence of slightly more Purple Punch in this batch. This could make it come slightly more toward center, and I think you can feel just a tiny bit more calm with its effects than the rush I've experienced with more sativa leaning Mimosas recently. So let's just say this one is something like 60/40 sativa heavy.


Along with the samples for review we were also psyched to see the great accessories that came in the gift bag. These included an on-the-go rolling tray, OCB "virgin" papers, a grinder, and a hand-blown glass chillum. If you were a tourist in DC or just visiting and without your rolling, toking essentials, this would be your perfect "travel" kit.


So give District Firehouse a shout today and check out this Mimosa as well as some of the other fire (house) strains on their menu. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for $10 off your order!

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