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Monko X - Monko DC

New DC cannabis storefront Monko is an awesome spot just off K street in Northwest that I was delighted to find out about recently. Their aesthetic is clean and classy and their flower is equally as exotic as their name. In fact, Monko means a person who is fascinated and in love with all things primate, and I think you will agree that their breakout signature strain “Monko-X” is like a powerful silverback gorilla when it comes to potency.


These highly contrasted bright, dark green, and purple nuggets with orange laced accents are some heavy hitters and covered with a silvery layer of trichomes. I had the great pleasure of chopping it up with the staff of Monko at the recent Winter Harvest Event hosted by Toker’s Guide at Elements Lounge in DC. While there, I was able to look at this bud up close under an illuminated magnification device. The magnifier will show you any imperfections that may be present - there were none - and it was impressive to see close-up just how covered with trich's these buds actually were.


As a proprietary flower its background is kept shrouded in mystery and usually its genetic information is not available to the general public. However, they were able to share with me that it's a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, and a third "unknown strain". They also suggested that it was an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers like me with mostly calming effects.


To me its aroma was a cheesy and fruity funk and it was in-line with the complex fruit forward Gelato-esque flavors that have become very popular as of late. I also found it relaxing, but soon became focused under its effects knocking out mundane tasks while lost in thought. Maybe you'll find it more calming than I did, but I'd tend to keep this one in the daytime use category.

To grab some of this powerful Monko X for your own stash just drop by their shop at your convenience. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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