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"Moonstick" Blunt Leaf Pre-roll by DC MOTA - No Kids Allowed

Updated: Apr 25

Strain: Various / Premium Blend

​Service: No Kids Allowed

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: Balanced

Initial Thoughts

If you're looking for a smooth toking blunt-like experience, but one that will take you to the moon and back, just grab one of these premium blend Moonsticks by DC MOTA and now available at i-71 storefront No Kids Allowed.



Like a pre-rolled blunt, but with the majority of it rolled in wax, then kief.


Preserved by the glass tube and ready to burn.


Hashy with notes of pine and earth.



This is a powerful flavor that, much like the aroma, is very hashy. It's smooth, though, and note that the glass tip is partially to thank for the more exotic notes of pine and spices.


A mixed bag of premium flower.


This Moonstick was an intense experience with a strong headband-like feeling at onset. With the first couple puffs you'll know this isn't your average blunt or pre-roll and your body will begin to tingle as the euphoric stoniness washes over it. It's a great buzz, but an inundating one that may keep you from being productive again for hours. Notably this blend did not have me drowsy like some that I've experienced in the past, so we'll go with "balanced" effects on the whole.



The folks over at DC MOTA are putting out some really nice pre-rolls, and we've reviewed how awesome their Dog Walkers are before. But, this glass-tipped rocket ship will send you on another journey entirely - one where you should expect to soar to new heights, especially if you haven't experienced concentrates before. To grab your own Moonstick just visit the fun-loving crew over at No Kids Allowed ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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