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One Lane Bridge - Banana Bread Slice (infused)

Season's greetings, DC I-71 gift vendors and Tokers everywhere! Let me tell you about some incredible edibles that I just had the pleasure of trying. This outlet has some vast experience in the baking and confectionary arena, and their knack clearly shines through in the gifts they purvey. Turns out, they're looking to land in a couple new, friendly, quality-focused services - and personally, I think you all should be jumping at the chance to add them to your menu.

The brand is One Lane Bridge and, much like their name suggests, they're all about seeing things through a more easy-going lens than what this urban DC metro area often has to provide.

Not far outside DC - and some may be quite surprised to learn this - you can still find country roads with one lane bridges. These bridges are a testament to simpler, slower times. The kind of times when things were made with simple, local ingredients, and people cared deeply about quality, flavor, and attention to even the finest details. This is the essence of One Lane Bridge's mission - to provide small-batch infused products made with care and from the finest quality ingredients, just like they did back in the aforementioned simpler times (minus the infused part of course 😉).

We'll be reviewing a few gift items from these guys, but the first one that I just had to share with you is their Banana Bread Slice. As seen above, you can tell the chocolate ganache and toasted coconut topping with already delectable homemade banana bread is absolutely, mouthwateringly delicious from mere observation alone.

Note the flavor is everything you want and crave in some epic gourmet banana bread, but at 250 mg in each slice, the challenge becomes stopping yourself before you each too much. That's right, this one slice packs quite the punch. We highly recommend managing or partitioning your portions in a manner proportionate with your experience and tolerance levels.

To get your hands on some, tell your favorite vendor about this review and that you'd like them to start carrying One Lane Bridge. I'm certainly telling my DC vendor clients about them and looking forward to seeing them around town a bit more. Surely, this town could benefit from the "Slow Down - Enjoy Life" vibe they exude, not to mention the high-flying euphoric effects of their amazing small-batch edibles!

DC weed vendors, contact me to find out more info about carrying One Lane Bridge gifts in your store today!

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