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Orange Crush Diamond Cart - DMV Organics

Won’t you join me fellow tokers as we take a trip through time! As many of you will surely remember, several winters ago we faced a wave of pulmonary lung injuries throughout the land. The common denominator connecting those poor souls suffering thusly was unfortunately linked to vape carts. At a time when the foundling medicinal and recreational cannabis culture had widely embraced vape carts for their convenience and ease of use, suddenly those same carts were being blamed for pneumonia like symptoms. I myself had been enthusiastically using carts, and fortunately I never fell ill, but was no less concerned…

As it turned out, the culprit wasn’t so much the carts themselves as it was the producers thereof. Shady McShadesters throughout the land had been mass producing poor quality carts that were cut with various oils unfit for vaporization and inhalation in a greedy bid to increase profits. Carts had enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity and seemed to be the future of the industry, only to just as quickly fall from grace due to the scandal.

So what’s a Toker to do?!? I love extracts and concentrates, but I’m not a fan of the labor required for their use. I don’t care for the equipment involved in dabbing, nor do I care for the maintenance thereof. Plus I’m always on the go! Can’t someone trustworthy make me a top shelf, luxury cart that WON’T give me a prolific lung injury?!? Where are our heroes in our time of need?!?

Enter DMV Organics! Possibly my favorite DC based i-71 compliant provider! Here to save us all from bunk carts with their brand new line of top shelf luxury concentrate and extract based carts!

The cart I myself tried was the Orange Crush Diamond with D-Limonene Terps Cart. Firstly; the cart itself is a lead free certified glass cart with a ceramic atomizer. The quality of this cart absolutely enhances the Toker’s experience, ease of use, and flavor. But what about the contents therein you ask?!? It's, in fact, the same Orange Crush Diamonds we reviewed recently (here), but blended for ideal use in a cart. I must say, I don’t know of anyone in DC currently producing a cart of similar quality.

Freshly harvested cannabis typically yields a saucier, terpene rich concentrate which provides the Toker with a flavorful experience. THC-A crystalline, or THC-A diamonds are a relatively new addition to the world of concentrates. Known for their incredible potency yielding a euphoric, uplifting experience, Diamonds can be four times as strong as flower! The Orange Crush Diamonds boast 86.6% THC, 3% CBD, and I haven’t even mentioned the D-Limonene Terps yet!!! To enhance the magical citrus flavor that I adore, D-Limonene Terps have been added to this amazing cart. Limonene is a Terpene found in numerous cannabis strains and is the one mostly responsible for citrus, lemony tastes and smells. However, as a typical component of sativas and sativa hybrids, it is also known for its mood boosting effects.

So carts are back and better than ever thanks to our friends at DMV Organics. I’ve literally been enjoying this cart for a week straight and love it so much I’ve not used anything else. I’d recommend enjoying this cart on lower temperature settings, which will yield a lighter more flavorful toke. I’ve found it to be a tasty, energetic, uplifting experience. The carts are strong, but I think the nature of the Orange Crush makes them great for daytime use.

Let us know in the comments what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback!!

PS: Get $15 off your order with promo code "TokerGuideRef"!


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