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PB Soufflé - District Firehouse

An indica leaning hybrid cross of Do-Si-Dos and Lava Cake, PB Souffle (aka Peanut Butter Souffle) from DC i-71 delivery service District Firehouse is a pungently aromatic batch of fire. It possesses the kind of "room storming" smell that becomes unmistakable after you've encountered it just a couple times.


When you break it open it's nearly like an Easter egg, except the prize inside is a carpet of twinkly white trichomes instead of candy. Break it up further and the true essence will be emitted giving you a new wave and range of its intense smell. Roll it and spark it up and the flavor will be remarkably similar to the aroma. How do they get hints of peanut and cream to go so well with the overtly skunk forward nature of these buds?


The smoke is smooth and thick and it will begin to give you that familiar, lighter on your toes feeling that many great euphoric indicas do. Drowsiness could be an issue, but generally the sativa side of this strain's lineage, the Lava Cake, is enough to overcome total couch lock. To say it has calming effects would be an understatement, but we found them highly enjoyable regardless.


So hit up District Firehouse today and grab some of this super exotic PB Souffle for your weekend supply. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and if it's your first time just mention us to get $10 off your order.

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