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Petro Chem by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center (DC Medical)

If you're into sativas but having trouble finding them at top-shelf quality in DC, look no further than this batch of Petro Chem from craft medical cultivators Alt Sol. Currently available at DC medical marijuana dispensary, Takoma Wellness Center, these flowers are loaded with terpenes and exude a powerful gassy aroma along with invigorating cerebral effects. As a sativa enthusiast myself I must say, it really got my motor running!🏎


The strain Petro Chem is a cross of Original Glue and MoonBow #75 that sometimes fits more of a 50/50, balanced profile. Not so in this case, as Alt Sol selected and bred this pheno to express greater sativa traits resulting in a more energetic and up-lifting experience. Testing at a walloping 29% THC, this harvest also happens to be one of the most potent to come down in DC this season so far - at least from a medical cannabis perspective. It's certainly a "high octane" varietal on nearly every metric.


Not for the newbies, test drive her in your bong to unlock the next level head-rush and headband-like feelings at initial onset. Then hold on as the driving, palpable buzz inundates every part of your body. Use this energetic force to create, explore, and even have spontaneous dance parties in your living room. Just be sure to do it in the day time or you might find yourself racing through the night.


You may also sense an eagerness to converse with others and, perhaps, talk a bit too much. At the end of our official Toker's Guide "examination" of this strain there was a party-like vibe in the air and the people who partook were gabbing and giggling loudly about how they got "petro'd". If it was the 1960's I guess you might even say that everyone was having a "gas". ⛽️

To take this Alt Sol Petro Chem for a spin yourself just grab your medical paperwork (from any state - full reciprocity), or even self-certify on site, and head to Takoma Wellness Center dispensary ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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