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Pineapple Express - Flower Ave

I was recently presented with two solid cola's of Pineapple Express to enjoy from Flower Ave, a recreational delivery service in DC. I've heard good things about this organization, and if this bud sample is in any way a representation of what they offer their clientele, then you will not be disappointed. These golfball-sized “chunkers” are dense and the fragrance coming from the bag is reminiscent of funky fermented fruit with a fuel-like undertone.


This particular batch's background is stated as being Skunk crossed with the original Pineapple Express (which is Trainwreck x Hawaiian). Its effects are described as energizing and heady and I wouldn’t disagree in any way - a great day time smoke. In fact, I enjoyed a spliff of this fruity deliciousness on my back patio as the sun rose above the trees and the warmth of the day fell upon my face. The aromas from my herb grinder were powerful, pungent, and seemed blanket everything around me, even the (other) foliage.

As I broke it up into workable sections, the intensity of the distinct pineapple terpenes hit my nostrils even more, followed by the kick of overripe citrus. Now, I know when people hear “overripe citrus” in the fragrance description they may be turned off by the offensiveness of it, but let me tell you that in the weirdest way, this is something you can’t stop smelling.


The grind from this flower let me know that it was properly cured. A smooth texture remained in my catch basin and the material worked well with my custom 3-D printed cone stuffing device (more on these nifty things soon). The spliff burned smooth, slow, and it never went out, nor was a run to be seen. The white ash from this cone was what I expected to see, and was further confirmation that it was a properly grown, cured, and flushed flower.

I burned a solid 2/3 of this spliff while enjoying my morning cup of coffee and, within a couple of good tokes, I immediately began to feel the effects growing in my headspace. As described, this flower was heady and energizing. In fact, my head was so buzzed up I probably took too much notice of the cool breeze that was about to be met with the sun bursting over the rooftops in my community. What a beautiful morning to be enjoying such a fine herb!


The joint burned proper and soon I was uplifted and ready to take on the day’s tasks. A day off from work perhaps, but surely my house has work to be done. This is an herb that will make any 420 friendly family happy, as the stimulation to accomplish tasks is most certainly present. The sativa dominant effects are palpable and I would highly recommend this herb to anyone who works from home in a creative capacity.

Pro Tip: This fine flower also works wonders in the kitchen. Decarb an 1/8 of this and you will have the makings for some great daytime edibles!

This is an artisan herb without a doubt and will certainly bring out the artist in you. If you're on the hunt for a heavy sativa like Pineapple Express then Flower Ave has what you need. Go ahead and connect with them to get some for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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