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Potato Runtz - Cannabear DC

Strain: Potato Runtz

Service: Cannabear

Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

I certainly love potato's and Runtz candy. However, I've never said, "Hey I wonder if they can make a potato candy to go with all the other fruit in Runtz." I've also never wondered about a potato-oriented strain of cannabis...ever. Nonetheless, in the case of this Potato Runtz from DC i-71 cannabis delivery service Cannabear we have yet another example of how things you wouldn't expect to be tasty or enjoyable together in the normal world, can be great in the cannabis world. 🥔🍬



Dark green and purple buds with a heavy amount of trichomes and burnt orange hairs.


Cured and somewhat oxidized, but still with a great Runtz-like aroma and flavor.


Despite the potato in the name, these buds have a great aroma and are starkly tart much like a mix of fruity Runtz should be. There are also hints of pine, nut, and exotic spices.



Terpy and potently tart with notes of candied fruit and hints of chem and cream.


The Potato Runtz strain is a cross of Potato Kush and Runtz that runs balanced at around 50/50 on the indica/sativa spectrum.


Heady and uplifting at first with a superb amount of euphoria. This feeling gradually moves to your whole body and a sense of calm sets in for the duration. Highly versatile and useful in both daytime and evening, this one isn't sedative and won't give you couch-lock, but will bring relaxing vibes and some disorientation.



For a great balanced high and a classically delicious Runtz experience check out these exotic Potato Runtz. They've got nothing to do with actual potatoes, but will get you delightfully fried without leaving you like a sack of them.🥔 You can be rolling some up today just by hitting up the always friendly and punctual Cannabear ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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