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Purple Cream - Top Level DC

Strain: Purple Cream

​Service: Top Level DC

​Service Type: DC Recreational Storefront

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

This Purple Cream from DC recreational (i-71) storefront Top Level DC is some pure eye candy to gaze upon. Yet, once some of its sugary sweet and cake-like aroma wafts your way, you'll know it's just as much candy to the palate as it is to the eyes. 🍭



These buds are highly purple with avalanches of massive trichomes everywhere, many still very starry and glimmering in the lights. Flecks of lime green do exist in some areas. A gorgeous specimen all around!


Robust and coniferous with some pliability. Light and more sponge-like than you might think. Sticky.


Fresh, but beginning to cure.



Sugary sweet and cake-like, but cake with an extravagant amount of icing. Sweet cream and honey too.


Sweet and creamy with some earthiness and coffee grounds in the aftertaste. Very complex and exotic.


Purple Cream is an indica leaning hybrid cross of Blackwater OG and Green Crack that runs something like 60/40, though some cuts have been known to be more balanced.



We found this batch to be mellow and highly calming with a strong body buzz and little to no couch lock. The onset is enchanting and disorienting while seeming to rest mostly in your head at first. Quickly the buzz migrates toward the rest of your body and makes all your extremities feel lighter, but without the motivation to use them.


Overall this is a stoney treat that packs world class flavor and mind blowing potency. Truly worthy of the term top-shelf, Purple Cream can find its way into your stash by visiting Top Level DC ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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