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Purple Grape - The Treehouse DC

Any given Sunday in the fall around the DMV makes me excited for two things: football and bong rips. Yes, while the battle on the gridiron is heating up, you can find me sparking up in close proximity to my TV and NFL Red Zone. This past Sunday I caught some chill vibes during the game - it is early in the season after all - with this batch of deliciously stoney Purple Grape from DC recreational storefront, The Treehouse.


When I cracked the elegantly crafted glass jar open, I was greeted with a heavy berry fragrance that had many different fruits coming to mind. Punch is probably the perfect word to describe the smells, tastes, and high though given how it can take you powerfully to a new level of relaxation and euphoria. Likely a pheno of Grape Ape - a cross of Mendocino purps, Skunk, and Afghani - she does run quite indica-heavy in terms of effects and resembles a fruit forward Kush in aroma.


After just one rip all of the stress of my week seemed to drift away along with the commentator's voice and I was left with the purity of watching all the football scenes of the game unfold before my eyes. In fact, the high locked me into the couch for the first half of an afternoon matchup and had me fumbling for the remote by halftime, ready to pack another ripper to rekindle the flame for the second half. At one point I was so mesmerized I even forgot to cheer for a touchdown. I wasn’t overly sleepy though and I didn’t fall into slumber during the second half of the game, as is often the case for lazy Sunday afternoons.


For something amazingly relaxing and delectably fruit forward to fill your bowl this week and weekend just head to The Treehouse in the Foggy Bottom area of DC and grab some of this Purple Grape for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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Katy wiwi
Katy wiwi
06 de nov. de 2023

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