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Purple Marmalade - Farm To Couch

Check out this boutique local grown Purple Marmalade from DC i-71 service Farm To Couch. Originally a Solfire Gardens creation, it's a cross of one of our all time favs, Tropicana Cookies, and funky flavor phenom Why You Gelly (WYG). It has mostly balanced effects with many uplifting aspects - perfect for kicking off a sunny Spring weekend!


The citrus forward intensity of Tropicana Cookies' aroma is something that I can always harken back to when thinking of the varietal. This batch is similar in its capacity to effect olfactory memory, yet the citrus is mellowed by sweet and creamy notes. Far away from the open jar you'll get gassy, skunky tones with a hint of fruit. But, as you walk closer the blend of cream and tangy fruit overtakes and becomes clear.


The trichome coverage is excellent here as well. Yet, perhaps the most stunning aspect about these buds visually is their fiery orange-red hairs. In contrast to the deep purples, these stigmas might as well be glowing in the dark. This conjures images of someone, highly stoned, taking one of these buds into a dark room and seeing if the hairs actually DO glow. We can confirm they do not. 😂


With strict adherence to their locally-sourced only policy, Farm To Couch is making it possible for local cultivators to sharpen their craft and we're seeing the results of these efforts in harvests like this Purple Marmalade. To do your part in supporting the local craft cannabis scene hit up Farm To Couch today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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