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Purple Starburst - Euphoria DC

Sometimes we get a sample of some absolute fire and we have to throw it up pretty much right when we get it so you, the audience, can to try to capture it before it disappears. After all, some of these super exotic buds are highly elusive creatures. Catch them while you can!


This is most definitely the case with this Purple Starburst from rising star DC i-71 (recreational) storefront and wellness spa, Euphoria DC. It's a 50/50 hyrbid on the sativa/indica ratio and it's lineage is quite mythical with Starburst OG and Purple Punch as parents.


But, would you just look at all these crazy white trichomes everywhere! It's so aggressively kief covered that my camera started to get overwhelmed just trying to deal. They're like little bursting balls of dusty, citrusy, goodness. Just by looking at the pack they came in, which was so blurry you could barely see the contents inside through the typically clear plastic, you could tell it was something to behold.


Let's talk about this orange aroma for a second too. This and the very recently reviewed Orange Zkittles have a very close smell when it comes to the intensity of the orange-ness. If you close your eyes and take a big whiff of both (separately) you'll get the sense that you're standing among a grove of orange or tangerine trees. With the Zkittles that grove will seem more tropical like Costa Rica or the Caribbean while with this Purple Starburst the orange trees are growing somewhere even more exotic like Madagascar or Durban.


To grab some of this phenomenal Purple Starburst for yourself, and maybe a massage and some CBD balm as well, head over to Euphoria DC ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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