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Purple Widow - Kali Kraves DC

This Purple Widow from DC i-71 delivery aficionados, Kali Kraves, is a pretty special batch that deserves your immediate attention. This is not just in terms of the genetics - a rarely seen old school combo of Purple Power and White Widow - but especially because of how absolutely sexy it is.


A nearly balanced hybrid, we love it for its ability to induce a tranquil, joyous state of mind. One where you get to control the energy levels and the flow of the buzz outward to your extremities without the need to catch a quick weed nap.


But, can we talk about these trichomes for a second? They are fresh and frosty to say the least and, noting the same with the stigmas, this has clearly been handled with care to have them all intact in this manner.


Fruity with sour and sweet notes combining in your nose and mouth, the Purple Widow will attempt to dominate all your senses if you let her....and why not? Go ahead and grab the grinder and your bong (our preferred method with this batch) and enjoy ripping this one down nearly anytime of day.


To get some of this phenomenal Purple Widow for your own stash just hit up DC's Kali Kraves ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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1 Comment

GiGi James
GiGi James
May 26, 2022

One of my favorites from Kali.

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