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Rainbow Harbor - Elevated Lounge

A highly rare cross of Cali Sunset and Runtz that runs just slightly indica dominant, this Rainbow Harbor from DC recreational storefront Elevated Lounge is the definition of exotic cannabis flower. Its aroma is a combination of grape, rose petals, and a hint of citrus. If you let it sit open to "breathe" for a few moments skunky notes begin to emerge as well. It almost takes me back to a gorgeous tropical overlook I once went to in the Caribbean. Of course, that makes sense because it happened to overlook a harbor far below and was framed by a colorful array of tropical flowers - a "rainbow harbor", you might say.


In flavor the fruitiness definitely takes over, but it has more of a creaminess to it at first. Then, the same skunky-ness that is slow to emerge in the nose appears in the aftertaste. To experience all these nuances of flavor we definitely recommend rolling this one up. You'll note the smoothness of the smoke in combination with the rich fruitiness will make you want to Bogart the joint for a while hoping for a few more puffs. Sharing is caring though people - pass it on! 😉


Another great bud for the summer time, I like that it leaves you relaxed, but with enough energy to go long into the late afternoon and evening. As such, I thoroughly enjoyed toking some of this while cooking out and sipping a few beers. Between the IPA's, the BBQ smells, and the fruity, grape-like, chronic in the air it helped make the perfect evening and went well with the gorgeous weather too. The only challenge was keeping up with everyone's dramatically increased appetites!


To grab some respite with this Rainbow Harbor and add it to your own exotic bud collection just head over to storefront Elevated Lounge ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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