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Red Velvet - Heady Club DC

This Red Velvet from DC recreational (i-71) delivery crew Heady Club DC is likely the Cookies genetics version which is a cross of Cherry Pie and Burmese Thai that runs slightly sativa dominant at about 55/45. What we like most about it is the funky, skunky, aroma and flavor that also exudes strong floral notes reminiscent of rose petals. 🌹


If you put your nose in the bag it will definitely take you aback at first, but then becomes smooth and silky drawing you to return for a closer whiff. I, for one, really love a pungently skunky batch that runs a smidge sativa, and this has been a real treat. In terms of effects, think euphoria with a layer of gleeful excitement, but not too much energy and certainly no rush of paranoia that can sometimes stem from a stronger sativa.


The trichomes are still white and highly abundant signifying lack of oxidation and the high quality of the cultivator, respectively. The buds are, perhaps, slightly more compressed than they would be without the storage methodology used, but it's fair to say that if it hadn't just come from the vac bag the aroma, flavor, and freshness wouldn't be where they are. Don't leave your buds in mylar or crappy jars for too long folks and your buds can be odor-rific (like these) for longer!


For a Red Velvet treat of your own just hit up Heady Club DC and setup your delivery today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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