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Romulan - House of Herbs

Greetings earthlings! The world looks a bit different from up here in the furthest reaches of the atmosphere - that's where this extra-terrestrial Romulan cut from DC i-71 storefront House of Herbs has taken me. However, this might not come as a surprise to both those in the know about this strain...and Star Trek enthusiasts.


If you're not familiar with this legendary cultivar, it's said to run indica on some informational resources, and 50/50 on others. In fact, while it's been around since the 1970's, there's a wide variety of different information available about it online, some possibly misleading. Is this disinformation due to alien influence? Perhaps.


The most reliable of the aforementioned sources has the lineage as a four-way cross of Korean Thai, Mexican, Colombian and Afghani, backcrossed with Colombian. In that case, and in the case with this particular batch, the indica sativa ratio most likely lands somewhere close to 50/50. Was this highly stoning, but balanced hybrid specimen the work of a space traveling race of ultra-warriors? Could be.


Regardless of what galaxy it's from, you'll have to go warp speed down to DC i-71 storefront House of Herbs to grab some of this mega skunky, terp laden varietal for yourself. Hopefully there will still be some left and it hasn't all been "beamed up" already. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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