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RS 11 - Elevated Lounge DC

Previously ONLY available in Cannahiba Cannon Pre-roll (as reported in our Halloween edition of Toker Vision), Elevated Lounge DC now has this Rainbow Sherbert 11 (aka RS 11) in flower form! This is one of the best harvests I've seen this year so far and the RS came out absolutely superb!


It's fresh and sticky trichome coverage should be the first indication of it's outstanding quality. I mean these resin glands are so overboard it looks like they were thrown on with buckets.


The aroma is spectacularly sweet, exotically cakey, and with just a slight hint of fruit. In flavor, perhaps the most astounding aspect of this bud, there's an amalgamation of both creamy and skunkyness that will make you want to hit it again just to try to discern exactly what the amazing flavor was.


The term "Rainbow" absolutely applies - there's a widely diverse array of colors, especially different hues of purple. If you look close enough you can even see pinks, blues, and aquamarine. It's sort of like the crayon box of cultivars.


Zoom in and the trichome structures become even more impressive. Below you can see their layers, how they are more organized than the appeared to the naked eye, and their heavy contrast to the deep purples.


Though you might see this as a cross of Champagne and Blackberry strains online, the Doja creation that lead to this (and the actual) RS 11 is a cross of Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, Skittlez, and OG kush. As a result she runs just a bit more indica than the 50/50 you might hear of with other Rainbow Sherbert cuts - prob something like 60/40 indica-heavy. Note that I did find it to be a very stoning, mega relaxing, and highly enjoyable high with little to know sedation. I'm not sure what the potency on it is, but let's just say that it definitely outshined most of my jar of personal bud once thrown into the mix.


To enjoy this very rarely available, phenomenal treat hit up Elevated Lounge DC today and grab a bag, or a few, for yourself! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for your special bonus!

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