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Runtz - Cannabear (DC)

We've reviewed our fair share of Runtz and its crossbreeds, even in the many different colors that it comes in: Pink, Blue, Purple, etc. However, this batch of original Runtz from DC i-71 delivery service Cannabear is one of the most spectacular we've seen. From its obvious fresh status to the eye-popping amount of trichomes coating every nook and cranny, these are some really sexy Runtz.


A balanced 50/50 hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Gelato strains we're fans of Runtz' ability to bring heavy terps and an almost sickly sweet, fruity, and dankly skunked out aroma - especially when cultivated to its full potential. Here we have just such a specimen, but to make things tilt even more exotic, this batch has a unique sort of nuttiness on the exhale as well.


My preferred approach is to grind it up and load up my bong. The head rush from the staggering potency will make you happy that you did too, and the pronounced flavor will roar through without much degradation from the water. We also appreciated rolling it up, but the density and stickiness may make that challenging for the less experienced roller. If you intend to stuff a cone with this, maybe give it some time in the open air once ground before you do.


A go to for almost any time of day, the euphoric effects of this batch work to quell what pains me both in terms of anxiety and neck pain. While you can nap and grab some shut eye while under her spell, it's not going to leave you a spaced out slumbering version of your weekend self on a week day. Yet, it's also not the most productivity oriented. For me, it's best for relaxed social interactions and makes running even the most hectic errands a calm and pleasurable experience.


To add some of these Runtz to your own collection just hit up quality and customer service focused delivery service Cannabear and place your order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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