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Sativa Live Resin Infused Mango Gummies (50mg) - Mother Blossom

Strain: Various Sativas

​Service: Mother Blossom

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Sativa

Initial Thoughts

Hello pick-me-up! If you're a sativa-lover like me and you dig edibles then you'll want to checkout these sativa leaning live resin infused mango gummies from DC i-71 cannabis dispensary, Mother Blossom. Their delectably juicy mango flavor has zero weed or chemicals in the taste and they really put the "GO" in mango, if you know what I'm saying. 😂🤦‍♂️



Orange rectangular cubes with sour crystal sprinkles on the outside.


Fresh and squishy. They were sealed in a professional-grade pouch.



Sweet and fruity in a tropical way like fresh mangos just chopped open before you.


Juicy and full of fruity, sweet, and creamy mango flavor.



The ingredient list says "Broad Spectrum Delta-9-THC Distillate", but this is a typo and they are, in fact, made with a blend of live resin sourced from various sativa flower. We checked on this in our last review of their Blueberry Indica option and have re-confirmed with them in this case.


Each gummy is 50mg and, as a sativa-leaner, breaking it up into 4 equal parts to take across several morning hours made the most sense from my past experiences. Better than a cup of coffee these had me going strong for the whole first half of my day. The buzz is heady and energizing with a warm body glow and focused, driven headspace. During my routine jog I even felt like I was in the midst of a tropical forest and seemed to run a bit faster and easier than usual - confirmed by my pace and time at the end. Note I also had zero munchies and only a tinge of edginess (not unexpected with sativa-oriented edibles).



For an uplifting and energetic high that is both pervasive and smokeless it's hard to beat sativa-leaning live resin infused edibles. They're super popular in many west coast circles presently, and I'm not surprised that they are growing in popularity now on the east coast as well. To grab some of these juicy, tropical, and vivacious Mango Gummies for yourself just head to the always friendly and uber luxurious Mother Blossom today. Don't forget to mention you heard about them on Toker's Guide!

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