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Scotti 33 - Flight Pass

A balanced hybrid crossbreed also known as "Scottie Pippen", this Scotti 33 is a mashup of Biscotti and Lemon Cherry Gelato strains. Available now from DC i-71 storefront, Flight Pass, it's got that super sour and skunky aroma that only the most epic Gelato offshoots have. It's so pungent I think I could smell it, specifically, while walking down U St. a full block before the store.


It's fresh, exotic, and more than ready to become the contents of your next joint. But, do make sure you break out the grinder as this is practically designed to "gunk up" you handy work with its overt stickiness. Of course, you can't discuss its stickiness without mentioning the snowy-white trichomes that are so plentiful as well.


Most notable about these buds, aside from their astoundingly loud aroma, is the strength of the euphoric body buzz that accompanies the high. It makes you feel noticeably lighter on your feet and ready to be social if needed. But, its mellow nature will probably make you steer clear of anything too strenuous in terms of activities or work.


So for some of this epically pungent and highly potent Scottie 33, check out Flight Pass and their selection of other gorgeous buds ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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