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Shot Off Gumbo - Flower Ave

Strain: Shot Off Gumbo

Service: Flower Ave

Service Type: DC I-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

Check out this phenomenal batch of Shot Off Gumbo from DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, Flower Ave. We've reviewed some stellar Gumbo recently and this is of the same caliber, but leans more balanced with monstrous cerebral effects in addition to the feel-so-good body high. 🤤


Robust and dense, yet soft and supple to break up, these buds are bright green and have a super heavy layer of hyper-white trichomes.


Curing, but still with a fresh aroma and flavor.


An effervescent, piney, and gassy scent with hints of lemon and tart berries.


Gassy and piney with notes of lemon, sweet cream, and hints of fruit. Much like some delicious, sweet, bubblegum.


The Shot Off Gumbo strain has genetics that are shrouded in mystery, but it likely runs balanced or slightly indica.


Get ready for a spacey cerebral high that keeps you on a joyful mental voyage while wrapping your body in a cozy buzz. These balanced effects can bring a smile and relief anytime of day.



With a truly delicious, exotically gassy smoke and a wonderful full spectrum high, this Shot Off Gumbo is so nice they should sell it in luxury gum ball machines at dispensaries (if not everywhere). Until then, you can have it delivered to you by the always kind and punctual Flower Ave. Don't forget to mention that you heard about it on Toker’s Guide!

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