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SMO - The Gift Givers

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

This SMO is GMO crossed with Sour Diesel and currently available from super kind and courteous DC i-71 delivery service, The Gift Givers. While GMO tends to be highly sedative and heavily indica dominant, the Sour Diesel will take anything it's crossed with and steer it hard to towards the energetic and inhibition suppressing end of the sativa spectrum. The result in the case of this SMO, however, seems to be more like the cumulative effects of both parental inputs, which yields a remarkably balanced offspring.

The most notable aspect about this bud is its stark gassy aroma and savory flavor. Of course, that it's "the gas" should come as no surprise given the diesel influence. Yet, with hints of what seems like sweet roasted garlic, the GMO (aka Garlic Cookies) wields its olfactory influence with similar power. Perhaps that's why the overall profile ends up being so savory, gassy, and almost addictive to your palate.

I also found myself quite social after rolling up some SMO and when talking to people there was a little extra twinkle in my eye from the intensity of the all encompassing buzz I was experiencing. Note that you'll likely have the energy to take on a healthy to do list on this batch, but with the intoxicating aspects impeding mental clarity you may just end up making a bigger mess in the confusion. Either way keep sweet snacks on hand to balance the savory aftertaste and tremendous munchies.

To get some of this excellent, highly aromatic SMO for yourself just hit up The Gift Givers ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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