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Snow Balls - The Green Room

Strain: Uknown

Service: The Green Room

Service Type: DC i-71 Dispensary

Overall Rating: 9.0/10

Lean: Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

While in most instances it's not a good thing to get smacked in the head with a snowball, in the case of these Snow Balls from DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, The Green Room, you might come to a different conclusion. These things are slammed packed with THC-A and CBD isolate powder. In fact, there's so much concentrate in them that the instructions on the pack call for "mixing with cannabis" before lighting it up. ⛄️



Almost completely white with powder these buds are bright green where visible and when broken up. There are also specks of purple here and there.


Starting to cure, but with a fresh aroma.


Super piney with notes of lemon and hints of fuel.



Much like the aroma with notes of pine, lemon, and earth.




This makes for some immensely stoney hits and reminds me of burning on some old school Lebanese hash. My eyes got super starry and my whole body felt like it was being wrapped in a heavy blanket. I wasn't really tired, but laying down felt excellent. What more can I say besides it will get you every bit as stoned as you might think from its appearance.



For something eye-popping to share at the Christmas parties this year check out these Snow Balls. Throwing down with some friends on a blunt? You won't need to add much to match them from a potency perspective - but, what if you decided to anyways? To experience them for yourself just head to The Green Room today and don't forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

*Also available for delivery from Cannabear DC

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