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Snowflake - Buddha Buddy

How do you catch a snowflake in the summer time? Easy, just hit up DC i-71 delivery service Buddha Buddy today and grab some of this snowflake strain. She's quite the beautiful specimen, but other than the frosty kief covering her every nook and cranny there's nothing cold about this batch - it's all fire!


Thought to be a cross of an unknown haze and Humboldt Snow there's some mystery surrounding this wondrous strain. However, one thing that certainly stands out as easily identifiable are her sativa-heavy effects. The potency with this one is absolutely for real and can get you moving rapidly, sometimes in all directions at once. Those new to cannabis or less familiar with sativa's should either avoid or start very small and slow.


With hints of lemon, anise, and eucalyptus she tastes good in almost any apparatus, but I've been enjoying it mostly in the bong as my after lunch pick-me-up. As soon as you pull the slide on your hit you'll know that this one is going straight to your dome. Then expect a very vibrant headspace with a lot of meandering thoughts - an exceptional construct for creativity.


Lastly, I'd be remise if I didn't mention her heavy layers of trichomes one more time. They are so white and splendidly prevalent that it more than justifies the "snowflake" name. So hit up Buddha Buddy DC today and it can be "snowing" at your house before you know it. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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