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Soul Mate by &Shine - Cannabist, Portsmouth (VA Medical)

Strain: Soul Mate

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: 50/50 Balanced

Initial Thoughts

When I think of my soulmate I immediately become all warm and fuzzy inside. That feeling is not unlike the feeling I had seeing this batch of Soul Mate, cultivated by &Shine, on Cannabist’s menu in Portsmouth. As someone who considers myself a “Cannaisseur” and a bit of a romantic, I enjoy finding strains which combine the two and create something magical! I can really tell &Shine puts a lot of love into the cultivation of each strain, so what better one to try than Soul Mate?



These buds are dense, bright green and have orange pistils tightly hugging each nug as if they’re trying to say, “No! Don’t leave me!”


Fresh, beginning to cure.



Have you ever seen the lemonade trucks where they smash the lemons in each cup to make lemonade? That potent, mouthwatering citrusy scent hits you in the face the second you crack the lid on the jar! As you pull apart the buds, there are hints of lavender hidden in the fragrance that create quite the sensual environment.


Tart notes of citrus paired with herbaceous lavender make this batch of Soul Mate absolutely savorous! The lemon and lavender together bring me back to when I was learning how to bake with my Nana. The warmth.. Love.. Comfort.. All those cozy feelings come rushing back with every puff. I just love when bud triggers my olfactory memory. 😌 What about you?



When it comes to Soul Mate’s parent strains, Pinesoul and Wookie, it’s safe to say these two are a match made in heaven!


Soul Mate is a great strain for a plethora of stomach issues, as it helps to ease any sort of pain you may be experiencing while triggering hunger. As someone who has tummy problems, I wish I would have found this strain sooner! The top terpene in this strain is Limonene, which is notorious for its anti-anxiety and digestive aid properties. After a bowl of Soul Mate, I was more talkative, comfortable and extremely munchie. My stomach pain was nonexistent, even after eating. As I wound down for the evening, I smoked another bowl which led to me falling asleep on my couch. Overall, what more can I ask for from such a well balanced hybrid!



To say I’ve fallen in love with this strain would be an understatement. From its delectable aroma to its heavenly flavors and effects, this is the strain that keeps on giving. When they named this bud Soul Mate, they hit the nail on the head. So, if you’re looking for a new strain to fall in love with, head on over to Cannabist in Portsmouth to pick yourself up a batch of this Soul Mate, and don’t forget to mention you heard it here on Toker’s Guide!


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