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Starting Lineup - Elevated Lounge

I’m the kind of person that has to bring something to contribute; so if you invite me to an event you best believe I’m gonna bring some party favors! So when my friend got us tickets to a Nat's game I wanted to bring some nice flowers and edibles to ensure maximum adventure potential was achieved. As usual my friends at Elevated Lounge came through and curated an amazing experience with three different high quality strains and some infused snacks too!


The first, Kush Mints, is a hybrid strain from Seed Junky Genetics, crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. The result of these strains gettin’ busy is a high THC strain with a minty taste. Kush Mints is known for its uplifting and happy effects. This potent hybrid tests over 25% THC on average, and after one joint I was feeling fantastic.


I always try to try strains from a sober baseline and I was worried that a THC percentage this high might ruin me, but I felt really great and functional. In terms of aroma, she has a piney nose, with lemon-citrus notes and subtle hint of fresh spearmint. I noticed a kushy finish on the back end of my palate but the smoke was nice and smooth and not too earthy for my liking. Overall, this one let me care little about the traffic getting to the game and, once there, we were in a cheery and jovial mood that seemed contagious to those around us.

In place of cracker jacks I brought in some of "The OG" Elevated Snack Mix from edible brand Seed and Flower. I just love salty snacks, especially when nicely stoned. I split this tasty treat with my buddy and I think it worked out pretty well because even though the snacks were savory, I slept like a sweet sweet baby that night.🤣 The bag said it was 75mg's THC and the staff told me the product is made with full spectrum shatter, so 37.5mg's of salty full spectrum snacks had me feeling super chill after a long day and even made the ballpark seats feel a bit more cozy than usual. I think this is a perfect snack to split with a friend right down the middle. Never underestimate edibles though my fellow Tokers. I, myself, find anything up to 50mg's is pretty manageable, but beyond that I have to start planning my restorative hibernation. A wise sage once told me, “you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less”.

For the seventh inning stretch, we made our way to a secluded spot and vaped on another strain we picked up, Forbidden Ice. Now this is an intriguingly cool name - who names these things anyways?!? Must be a pretty cool job I imagine. For this strain it was probably a lot more simple than it seems. Something like the perfect family story (insert wavy lines)...

Forbidden Fruit and Ice were just two lost strains, deep in love who decided it was time to start a family. It wasn't long before they welcomed their first offspring into the world. But, whatever would they name her? (insert your own fairytale-like storyline)


Anyhow, we puffed and puffed this Indica dominant hybrid, which was incredibly strong, but made the crucial mistake of not having nearly enough water on hand to quench thirsts, especially after the delicious, but salty, infused snacks. I felt relaxed and stress free, but I was definitely having a ton of trouble getting my tongue to stop sticking to other parts of my mouth. This cottonmouth was forreal! Finding a concession stand I got right in line and was nearly as parched as parchment when I finally got a giant water bottle in hand. I think it was actually glowing, in my mind's eye anyways, when I held it up as a signal of victory over my thirst! Returning to our seats, we discussed what a really great high we both had from this strain and, personally, how much I loved the sweet citrusy palate and it’s subtle earthy notes.

The final strain in this tasteful trifecta was the famous Mac 1, and let's just say we needed it. With its 50/50 stance it gave us both the mellow headspace and energy to deal with the masses as we exited the area on foot, heading to a local favorite bar of ours about 7 blocks away. I’ve had Mac 1 many times and generally find myself really enjoying it's balanced effects.


Also known as "The MAC," Mac 1 is a hybrid strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Short for “Miracle Alien Cookies”, Mac 1 is known for its sweet, creamy, yet citrusy palate. If you read any of my other reviews you know I love citrus more than a pirate fighting off scurvy. This one was a sweet and sour, funky, gassy citrus with a wee bit of dirty cheese - and I mean that in the best way possible. Overall it was a great smoke to keep us in a great place while celebrating the Nat's win and for the duration of the night.

I encourage you all to visit our good friends at Elevated Lounge soon and let their talented staff help curate the treats for your next stoney DC adventure! If you mention Toker's Guide you’ll get a free gift if it’s your first visit!

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