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Stoneade, Ready for Lift Off!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The Stoneade company story is one of my favorites in the i-71 space because it epitomizes the start-up dedication and champion work ethic that really sets businesses apart, not just in cannabis, but in all industries. Two lifelong friends, Q and Daryl, came together as adults to fill a wide open niche in a booming industry to start a company that promises to take on Gatorade itself, if and when DC authorities get their proverbial shit together. For now this dynamic duo is absolutely dominating the i-71 drink game with their Stoneade, small batch, made to order, artisanal infused lemonade line which quite honestly is the perfect thing for a heat wave near you. I am super proud to present the fruits of Daryl and Q’s labor because our community deserves a cannabis company like Stoneade who is truly dedicated to bringing quality infused beverage gifts to the DC marketplace.


Stoneade came into being shortly before the COVID pandemic took hold and radically altered our lives forever. Initially starting out as a general edible company, they were met with the boom in business that the pandemic ultimately had on the entire cannabis space, coast to coast. Contrary to most businesses in the country, the alcohol and cannabis industries, predictably, experienced a boom on a macro scale for the pure and simple reason that people require their cannabis to get through a lock down. Stoneade was no different and their rapid growth gave them the ability to step back and assess the market more strategically so that they could find a way to really make their mark on the burgeoning i-71 space.


Right here is the first aspect of the company that helps them stand out because in a district where most people are worrying just enough to keep their heads above water, Stoneade is thriving and thinking far into the future. This forward thinking led them to strategically evaluate the market and do a fair amount of research and development around filling the niche they ultimately identified as their target for making their mark on the industry. With their shared backgrounds in both the beverage and cannabis industry it seems like a natural inevitability that they would ultimately land on infused cannabis drinks as a niche to fill but the thought process did involve quite a bit of problem solving and market evaluation.

They initially gravitated to the edibles market because they very much respect their client’s needs for discretion. Quite a few cannabis users have to mask their cannabis use, even today in a legal market, due to a wide variety of stigma and the downstream consequences therein. The result is that there is a huge need for consumers to access odorless products that still provide them the relief and head space they require so that they don’t disrupt their lifestyles. As loud and proud as I try to be, this is a privilege of having my livelihood tied to the cannabis industry specifically and for many, their ability to support themselves is tied directly to an industry or work environment that is less than cannabis friendly. This is an unfortunate reality of the current political climate around cannabis but the Stoneade team recognized this need early on and dedicated themselves to filling this niche.


Beyond providing a very needed service in the industry, the two have great ambitions and nothing but a booming business thus far so they put a lot of time and effort into ultimately specializing in one specific, discreet edible product that they intend to become a major player in. Infused drinks offer customers all of the discretion they require to go about their day, in a wide range of flavor options, with a faster, and thus more schedulable, come up and come down than traditional baked goods. In short, they are not only the perfect accoutrement for the notoriously hot summers of Washington DC, but the perfect option for an on the go lifestyle with needs for discretion.

That being said, it is absolutely a delicious product line for anyone who is just enthused about cannabis drinks in general as well. Their background in the drink industry shows in their simple, small batch drinks. Sticking with tried and true infusion methods and a short list of simple, natural ingredients, Daryl and Q quickly developed an infused, small batch lemonade line that includes flavors like passion fruit, black cherry, guava and mango to name a few. These flavors are made to order, with the only non-cannabis ingredients being natural sugar, water, lemons and the respective fruit puree and that's it! Your favorite simple, neighborhood nostalgic lemonade made manifest in this adult cannabis infused lemonade line!


For me, to find something so true to a treasured childhood summer treat that also incorporates cannabis is quite frankly amazing. Not only have they filled a niche in the market but they have tapped into a collective childhood nostalgia that we all share and brought it into our beloved cannabis industry. For that alone I think they are worth appreciating but beyond that their drinks speak for themselves. As always, know your tolerance, but whatever your personal biochemical needs may be, they again, are made to order. They currently offer infusions at 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg per bottle but have plans to bring in more dosing SKUs as well as more flavor options. Their most expensive drink is $25/300mg 16oz bottle and at that price point they are fiercely competitive and again, showing their commitment to the community by being as affordable as they can be. I absolutely commend the team's ethics and dedication to their community and their love and care shines through their products and in their customer interactions.

Beyond that, their ambition has no limit. We can expect lots of new drink based concoctions and product lines to come out of the Stoneade crew and I am super excited to be able to see them grow and sample the fruits of their growth in real time. Drinks are an increasingly popular cannabis option that is showing rapid growth nationwide. Stoneade is going after that market with a focused drive that at once looks out for their community as well as their long term future. I encourage everyone to carry around an ice cold, discreet and delicious lemonade of your choice to beat this crazy heat and have a wonderful, stoned, day courtesy of Stoneade. Your ticket for lift off!

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