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Strain Specific Pre-rolls - Buddha Buddy DC

While fairly standard on the West Coast, strain specific pre-rolls are not as abundant in the DC-i71 scene. That's why I'm always stoked when I see new rounds of these pre-rolls rolling out at Buddha Buddy DC. No longer having to settle for the "house mix" or the shake from the bottom of the bottom of the barrel like some other vendors in the city (who shall remain nameless), these are made with top quality unblended bud.


When you have this type of high quality material to work with, you certainly don't want to roll it in something of lesser caliber either. You wouldn't wrap a diamond in aluminum foil would you? By using OCB Virgin papers, they've wrapped luxury in luxury - as it should be. These are also the full-sized cones, which are way WAY too much for little Buddha guy (above) 😂.. For those who haven't ordered from Buddha Buddy, you get one of these sweet mini Buddha figurines with your gift!


The pre-rolled strains we were provided and toked upon were:

Wappa: A Paradise Seeds creation of unknown genetics that runs 60/40 indica dominant. In aroma and flavor this one is mostly sweet and fruity with a hint of pine. It is notably lime green inside the pre-roll - a nod to its freshness.

Jack 1: Jack Herer x Skunk #1. What a treat! I love a good hazy sativa and the skunk influence adds a stoney body buzz to the otherwise tremendously energetic and creative high. Expect quite the head rush and good luck finishing it.

OG: This was a true indica-heavy traditional OG Kush with a strong piney and sour citrus aroma/flavor. This one smoked particularly smooth and was highly disorienting in a gleeful way.

Fire OG: Another indica heavyweight and Kush cross of SFV and the OG (like the above), this one was completely stoning, with even more pungent piney and woody notes. As for effects, expect a highly euphoric and relaxing experience.


The tubes deployed are also not your average flimsy pre-roll tube. They have some true girth to them, but still open in a snap. I think we all know the "squeeze-the-sides" method for opening a pre-roll tube, right? If not, let it be known that if you squeeze the sides of a pre-roll tube at the top it will pop open. These happen to make an especially pronounced POP - that's the sound of freshness being protected!


So, the next time you need to load up on pre-rolls, hit up Buddha Buddy DC and ask for their most recent selection of strain specific pre-rolls. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for something special!

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