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Super Glue - Alternative Solutions

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I'm happy to report that I got a great night's rest thanks to this lovely fresh-cut, indica dominant hybrid of the Super Glue variety from Alternative Solutions. Between this and yesterday's review about 🦍 Glue this weekend has sort of turned into being all about "Glue" strains in name - seems like kind of a sticky situation 😂🤦‍♂️.

But please note that this is an entirely different kind of "Glue". While you might think this version is related to yesterday's diesel crossbreed and fan favorite, it is not. A cross of Northern Lights and Afghani, the whallop that this beauty possesses is almost purely indica in lineage.

..and what a whallop it is! With THC levels higher than 28% you're going to get some really immense euphoric feels and tingles that you might not otherwise experience. The fine experts over at "Alt Sol" have, of course, sprinkled their magic fairy dust on this batch as well giving it a nose and flavor supremely complex and exotic in nature. There are notes of lemon, orange, and pepper all blended with skunky pine overtones. The exhale alone is a connoisseurs' delight!

If you want to get your hands on some of this phenomenally crafted cultivar, you'll have to go medical. But no sweat, we've got the guide to getting your medical card in DC right here. Just visiting the area? If you have a medical card from any other state you can easily use it here in DC by registering with the dispensary you choose to check out - that's right we have full reciprocity for medical marijuana here in the District!

On the shelves right now at most dispensaries on our Medical Dispensaries list, check out this Super Glue from our good friends at local medical cannabis cultivator Alternative Solutions!

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