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Super Goji Haze - Top Secret DC

I hope everyone out there in the tokerverse has had a great weekend so far. Although I hear it's already sold out, I've also heard it might be coming back in the very near future. Therefore, I still wanted to share this amazing haze specimen I recently got (and should have reviewed faster) from Top Secret DC. I've said it many times on the platform - I am a HUGE fan of haze varietals. This, my friends, is a fantastic haze, and yet another phenomenal pheno, from the locally renowned Top Secret.

As a cross between Goji O.G. and Super Lemon Haze, both heavy sativas, this strain has unyielding energy and the long-lasting heady effects known of hazes. It's super creativity spawning and can make you almost giddy to go and be active. Focus, however, may be a bit of a challenge as I often found myself zoning out, lost in thought while on a trail run. Still highly enjoyable, but don't go operating any forklifts, k?

The most notable, most enjoyable aspect of this particular batch, imo, is its unique skew on the fruity haze aroma and flavor. Not only is this overtly anise-like, which is trademark for hazes, but it also has exotically fruity overtones - hence the Goji influence. It's truly remarkable how the terpenes come together to create such an addictively delicious fruity, hazy flavor. Can we get this in live resin soon guys? Please!

So if you're into hazes, you HAVE to give this one a try. Even if you're just looking for a solid sativa to keep you going through the week, you need to check it out. If you subscribe to inventory alerts from Top Secret DC, they'll let you know precisely when it's back on the menu - and I'll be one of the first people in line for more!


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