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Sweet Tartz - District Firehouse

Check out this new batch of Sweet Tartz from DC i-71 delivery service, District Firehouse. It runs nearly 50/50 - or perhaps just slightly indica - and it has a massive berry forward aroma and flavor.


A cross of Purple Thai, Alaskan Thunder F*ck, and Afghani, it packs a tremendously potent ability to evoke a sense of calm and imbue utter euphoria. It even smells calming to me frankly, which is the opposite effect that the eponymous candy might have. Another difference would be the lack of tartness. Everything about this batch is sweet and berrylicious!


Gifted in jars, you can count on District Firehouse to ensure the freshness of their flower and that its smell and caliber will remain intact. In this case, cracking the jar (and breaking the tamper-proof seal) led to a whoosh of fruity ganja I just couldn't pull my nose away from.


Whether you throw it in a paper, bong, bowl, or vape, expect this one's immensely fruity stance to take your taste buds for a wildly enjoyable ride. But, to find some to fill your stalking hit up District Firehouse ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for $10 off your first order!

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