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Syra - Royale Dankness

Sugary sweet and floral with a side of cream is the best way I think I can encapsulate the very complex aroma of this Syra from DC recreational delivery service Royale Dankness. While its lineage remains a mystery, its mega powerful, slightly sativa-leaning effects do not. When my friend burned some of it he asked what the name was again. Then he asked me to spell it, and I complied. Afterward he looked puzzled and said, "Isn't that, like, He-man's friend from the old cartoon? You know the super hero princess or something? No wonder it's so strong!"


While it turns out he was completely wrong on the spelling and the name (She-Ra is the correct spelling for the self-proclaimed "Princess of Power") he was right about the strength of the buzz provided by this super hero of a specimen. With heavy white trichomes across deep purples and bright greens, there was no disguising it for me, even from mere appearances alone. Roll this up and you'll be toking on an effervescent and exotic lime/mint combo that evolves into a creamier, but skunky aftertaste.


Then, once the joint kicks in fully, you'll be ready to wield your new found energetic headspace and body buzz to do almost anything - no couch lock here. I'm not saying you should jump on the back of a pet tiger and try to take on the evil villains of the universe or anything like that (you can put the sword down now). I'm just saying you might feel energized enough to tackle some to-do lists. Plus my friend says She-Ra rode a unicorn anyways.


To grab some of this Syra for yourself and bring out the inner super hero (or super stoner, at least) in you, just hit up Royale Dankness and place your delivery order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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