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Tahoe OG - DC Dash

With all the different types of cannabis I check out on a weekly basis, I often forget how much I enjoy the uniquely rich and tantalizingly exotic flavor of a true OG. This Tahoe OG from DC i-71 delivery experts DC Dash is most certainly of that ilk. It's mega piney, lemon, and earthy flavor and aroma cannot be mistaken and the long lasting, nearly mystic mind melding buzz, accompanied by an equally pronounced indica body high, are some of the most intense of the Kush varietals.


This is also some of the most ideal joint rolling weed in my opinion. It breaks up perfect, it has a slight cure to it so it crumbles well, and - again - the flavor, the flavor, the flavor. In a joint is where your palate can truly experience what this strain has to offer. As far as distinguishing it from other OG's, I would say that this one has considerably more of a citrusy tilt to it. If you close your eyes and take a deep waft into your nose, an image of lemons growing on mountain spruce might come to mind - of course this depends on how active your imagination is, but I think the point...RESINates. 😂


Speaking of resin, part of the reason OG's like this one are so potent is because of their resin glands. I know we frequently toss around the word trichomes given all the great tree that passes through here, but biologically and anatomically speaking, they are the resin glands of the plant. In the shots above and below here, you can clearly see that during the life of the plant its glands weren't just doing their job, they were, shall we say, highly productive. This is also clear from the nice coat of kief covering my fingers after every joint rolled.


Perhaps most interesting about this Tahoe OG is its ability to create such a powerful indica driven buzz, but still leave you standing. I mean, you won't have much energy and you better believe you'll be relaxed, but if you want to stay out of couch-lock you can with ease. This isn't often the case when I partake in indica-heavy hybrids that are, like this one, around 90/10 on the indica/sativa ratio.

So to experience this senses invading olfactory and flavor factory while having a super mellow weekend, give DC Dash a shout today and have some Tahoe OG delivered to your doorstep. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and check out our new Deals page for a big DC Dash Discount!

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