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Tangerine & Pomegranate Gummies - Georgetown Kushcakes

Georgetown Kushcakes has been building up a reputation around the i71 scene for being one of the more elegant and delicious edible vendors on the market. They offer a wide range of assorted edible gifts, but I really wanted to get my hands on some of their gummies to sample and, of course, review for you all!


Gummy gifts are broadly popular, presumably because they're so easy to consume throughout the day - efficiently and stealthily. While they seem to be everywhere finding one that is tasty and effective has been a continuing challenge for me. Therefore, I tend to try every company's gummies I can get my hands on. This time, I specifically got my hands on these excellent pomegranate and tangerine gummies (as seen below) from the aforementioned Georgetown Kushcakes.

Right off the bat their flavor options really stood out to me as interestingly appetizing. I see far too many generic gummies on the market that are your common flavors like grape and strawberry and the like. No shade on those fruits, but when it comes to the wide world of flavoring options, I think we have transcended the basic candy flavors. In the case of GTKC, I honestly had trouble deciding which flavor I would go with because of the assortment of tantalizing ones available - a good problem to have in my opinion.

Georgetown Kushcakes also pack’s their gummies with a punch, offering 200mg bags of cubed and sugared gummy delights. Again, I always caution you to know your own tolerance because when people start making delicious treats out of cannabis, it becomes quite easy to eat more than you are ready for! At 200mg per bag and with epically delicious flavor, these gummies are certainly a candied treat you will want to finish. You've been warned! Eating a full bag is a 200mg experience which is perfect for me, but definitely not for the newbies.


With this amount ingested, I soon had the quintessential, amazing body high that my chronic pain self truly craves. The products hit their mark and gave me a total range of motion with my body for a solid 6 hours and for that I very much thank Georgetown Kushcakes. To get some of these delectable little squares of love for yourself hit up DC i-71 storefront All the Buzz today!

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