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Infused Truffles - Georgetown Kushcakes

Updated: Oct 7, 2021


As cannabis reviewers I'm sure you all can imagine that we end up meeting an extremely diverse array of businesses and business types on a daily basis. Some of these entities have their ducks neatly in a row and are operated like a well-oiled machine. Others are, shall we say, not so smoothly run and in need of some guidance.

Upon meeting Executive Chef, Phil Frederick of Georgetown Kushcakes I knew that he resided wholly in the camp of well-oiled machine, if not sophisticated timepiece. Yet, in using the word machine, I don't want to take any emphasis away from the sheer culinary artistry involved.


Making craft infused edibles and confections is most certainly an art form - one that requires years of practice and dedication to get to the highest levels. From what we'd seen and heard so far, we fully believed that Phil possessed this level of artistry, if not mastery. But, just to make absolutely sure, we needed to dive head long into their selection of delicious gourmet truffles and see for ourselves, right?

If you're anything of a chocoholic like me, then you might want to put on a bib to read through the rest of this review - their truffles are that mouthwatering (you've been warned). In fact, they're so scrumptious you're going to need another PSA announcement: edibles can be very strong and highly intoxicating. This is especially true for ones made with 200mg of hash rosin in each bitesize morsel.


Yes, you heard correctly, these special "limited edition" (they say limited, but they're just too good and we'll be requiring them to make more) Georgetown Kushcakes Truffles have 200mg rosin PER truffle. Therefore, if the hash rosin is 75% pure then there's approximately 150 mg THC in each. For me, this kind of strength means I'm going to start with a very small sliver and then wait about 45 minutes to an hour to see if I want to increase from there.

(Note: The "Special Edition" versions have hash rosin while their standard versions use distillate)


To ensure the highest quality hash rosin is available as an ingredient, Georgetown Kushcakes has partnered with extraction wizards Plantgenix. Also out of DC, Plantgenix has been catching more and more attention lately for their small batch runs of phenomenal concentrate. It must also be said that the use of hash rosin here is beneficial in more ways than just potency of effect. They're also chiefly behind the amazingly fresh cannabis flavor in every bite given the terpene content provided.


The only criticism I have of Georgetown Kushcakes is: Can't you guys make something weakly infused that I can inhale gobs and gobs of with reckless abandon? Jk, Phil, I clearly know you can. Perhaps a better focus of my mind and energy would be on which one of these delightfully tempting chocolate treats is the best. Ladies and Gentlemen, that means we'll have to - twists arm behind back - try them all (gasp)!?!?


First up: Milkshake Infused Truffle. This is a milky outer shell with milk chocolate on the inside. Perhaps there are some cookie bits as well? It's so spectacularly creamy at first and then a little twinkle hits your eye when you notice the (obvious) fresh hashy ganja notes. Phil has a remarkable way of pairing the right hash rosin flavors/blends with the ideal other ingredients.


Take the Dulce de Leche for example. If you like the namesake gooey caramel dessert, and you happen to be into cannabis (hey you're reading this aren't you) then you're only cheating yourself if you don't give this amazing flavor combo a whirl.


The Mint Chocolate Chip, however, is hands down my favorite. I'm a sucker for this flavor in all kinds of treats from ice cream to...apparently...infused truffles. It's remarkably tantalizing to experience the thrill of the mint and the silkiness of the chocolate, all with a tinge of exotic cannabis flavor as the backdrop.


I have to say, after this experience in particular, hash rosin infused edibles are the way forward for me. You can feel the entourage effect 100% - this as opposed to the distillate edibles that I typically find - and with the flavor profile exuded it'll be hard going other (edible) routes.


In terms of all around quality it's hard to beat Georgetown Kushcakes edibles and I love seeing what they're doing and how they're pushing the boundaries of the edibles industry in DC. Right now you can find their amazing treats and other great cannabis gifts at DC I-71 storefront All The Buzz. For a limited time if you mention"Toker's Guide' you can get a free infused honey packet (seen below) - I love these things!


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