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*****Tangieland - Top Secret DC*****

Happy 420 Eve everyone! I've been really psyched to tell you all about this one, but they ran out before I had a chance to put pen to paper (er, fingers to keyboard). Word is they're getting more tomorrow so don't will have it soon enough!

...and I talk about it this way because this bud is truly an amazing gift. It's called Tangieland and it's available from Top Secret DC through a partnership with Capitol Hill Cannabis (the same collab. that brought you the P. MAC recently).

It's SO pungently tangerine, but also somehow super sugary sweet as well...almost like an orange taffy. Most of what you'll read about her will say that she runs 50/50 on the Indica / Sativa spectrum, however, we've found this batch to lean much more on the sativa side (as advertised by the grower).

The smoke is delightful and the effects are an immediate cerebral rush that gently drifts down your back, then all around your body. I particularly love this one in the morning as it will give you invigorating energy, creativity, and a sense of warm comfort for hours on end. Careful with the vape, though, as it can get so mouthwatering that you might end up with saliva overflow.

In terms of cultivation, you can't get too much better than some of the bigger colas I've seen from this batch. It's local and recently harvested so it's incredibly fresh and spongey. The amount of starry trichome coverage was ridiculous at first, and has now cured into layers of frosty white goodness. The tremendous, nearly tropical color of green is also notable.

Overall, this one is Five Stars for sure and just such a delight to have in the stash box. Hurry and schedule an appointment with Top Secret DC asap to experience the joy of this amazing batch of Tangieland!


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