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The Top 5 Marijuana Delivery Services Near Me in Washington DC


There are many important factors to consider when determining the top marijuana delivery services in any city, and Washington DC is no different in that regard. What is different about DC is that you have considerably more vendor options, the vast majority being unregulated, than in many other areas. This is because in DC there are legacy businesses that have been operating under what's known as "Initiative 71" (i-71) as well as licensed medical dispensaries who also have delivery options available.

Intriguingly, many of the i-71 services have historically had better quality and prices than some medical options, but which ones are the best and how can you find them? Enter Toker's Guide. It's part of our mission to continuously examine and vet all the DC delivery options and report the best ones, along with their best products, back to our audience in the form of weed reviews and lists of services.

In the future, as DC's legacy cannabis businesses convert to medical dispensaries and licensed couriers, we'll be amending our list to include these newly licensed, fully-legal entities. For now, however, you can find the BEST marijuana delivery options, licensed or i-71, currently serving DC below based on our experiences with them and the following criteria:


Product Quality

Here at Toker's Guide we're ONLY looking for the BEST, highest quality, cannabis products around. All of the services on our site have great flower, edibles, and concentrate, but some rise above the rest. To determine who's bringing the best to market we're looking at freshness, flavor, potency, and proper packaging as some of the most important aspects.


Customer Service

Just because you have great flower doesn't mean you can get it to me on time and without hassle. Therefore, when grading DC delivery services, we've taken aspects like punctuality, kindness, and knowledgeability into consideration.


Menu Variety

We also want to see that DC marijuana delivery services have a wide variety of products and product types to choose from, not just the same few types of flower or edibles each time. In fact, we want to see an easy to navigate menu that's full of great, high quality options. Of course, we also want to see that you have what you say you have and won't pull a "switcheroo" on anyone.

So, without further adieu, I give you our Top 5 Marijuana Delivery Services in Washington DC...

1). Takoma Wellness Center - Medical Marijuana Delivery

Score: 9.9/10

Phone: (202) 465-4260

Website / Recent Reviews


Takoma Wellness Center is the first and longest continually operating medical cannabis dispensary in Washington DC. It was founded in 2013 by Rabbi Jeff Kahn and his parents, who were early pioneers in the medical cannabis movement. Takoma Wellness Center is committed to providing patients with the highest-quality cannabis products and education about the plant's potential health benefits.

They've been recognized for excellence by several publications and organizations, including:

- Washington City Paper's "Best of DC" (6 years in a row)

- High Times "Top 10 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in the US"

- Leafly "Top 10 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Washington DC"


Not only do they have one of the nicest and most friendly dispensaries they also offer same day delivery within a six-mile radius of their location. This includes Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, Kalorama, Adams Morgan, and beyond. All customers within this zone will receive their orders within two to four hours. All other orders will be scheduled to deliver between 5:30pm – 8pm on weekdays and 4pm – 7pm on weekends.

*Please note that there is a $10.99 delivery fee plus a $50 minimum order requirement.


Overall, Takoma Wellness Center is a great option for patients looking for a reliable and trustworthy medical cannabis delivery service in Washington DC. They offer a wide variety of some of the highest quality products around and have an exceptionally knowledgeable staff with the upmost focus on customer service excellence. Learn More about how their delivery option works here or check out their online menu.

2). The Gift Givers - Marijuana Delivery Service

Score: 9.8/10

Phone: (202) 297-7835


One of the best services, delivery or storefront, to come out of Washington DC's i-71 cannabis scene is most certainly The Gift Givers. They're always stocked with a wide variety of the finest exotic flower and have an excellent selection of concentrate and edibles as well.

Their flower has found its way into our favorites list on numerous occasions and they continuously rate at or above 9/10 on our reviews. Additionally, their concentrate, especially the sugar and hash rosins, have consistently been some of my personal go-to's.


Rivaling their top-notch quality is their phenomenal customer service and they have the stated aim of wanting to put a smile on every customer's face. If you ask around the Toker's Guide crew, they're always putting huge smiles on our faces and when we run into their customers they'll frequently mention how kind and courteous The Gift Givers are too.

To check out their current menu simply visit their site here or give them a ring and they'll be delighted to discuss your personal cannabis needs.

3). Flower Ave - Marijuana Delivery Service

Score: 9.7/10

Phone: (240) 794-8158


Pretty much every time I get flower from I-71 marijuana delivery service, Flower Ave, I'm impressed. That's because they're consistently bringing the best in designer exotic cannabis to my doorstep. With out of this world aromas and eye-popping appearances they're not worried about getting you amazing bag art, instead they're overtly concerned with making sure every bag is filled with absolute fire.

Flower Ave is also laser-focused on quality assurance and customer service when it comes to their process. All of their products are safely sourced, lab-tested, and delivered in a fast and super friendly way. Their punctuality, professionalism, and commitment to customer care is obvious every time.


Along with phenomenal flower they also have a strong menu when it comes to edibles and fancy pre-rolled options. Unlike many other vendors in the city, their pre-rolls are designer-level too, made of bud not shake, and come in proper packaging.

4). HYFE - Marijuana Delivery Service

Score: 9.5/10

Phone: (202) 820-2328


Humble Youth for Evolution, or H.Y.F.E., is another i-71 marijuana delivery service that is dedicated to health-conscious living and, accordingly, has some of the highest quality cannabis products in town. Their flower is typically fresh, exotically potent, and hand-trimmed - all signs of their attention to detail.

With a customer-centric approach they emphasize positive relationships with their patrons and that means punctuality, product knowledge, and professionalism are at their forefront. As for the Toker's Guide team, we love getting new rounds of HYFE flower and concentrate to tickle our minds and tantalize our taste buds - which happens without fail.


Also note that their menu is expansive and extensive with numerous high-end options in flower, edibles, and extracts. Reach out to HYFE today and setup your delivery order to find out just how exceptional this service truly is.

5). Buddha Buddy DC - Marijuana Delivery Service

Score: 9.4/10

Phone: (202) 710-5405


Boasting one of the largest and most diverse menus in the whole DC market, Buddha Buddy, has been in the i-71 cannabis delivery game since 2017. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has also afforded them many loyal customers who prefer their selection, quality, and the cute little Buddha figurines that come with your order.

In our reviews, we've continuously remarked about the fine flower they purvey in their unique Buddha Buddy jars and often times it's been hard to pull the jar away from my nose given the wondrous aromas within.


Also operating a storefront dispensary called The Treehouse, these cannabis aficionados are highly dedicated to their craft and bring a relaxing, friendly, warm, and fuzzy experience whether in dispensary or at your door. To experience their Buddha-branded customer service excellence for yourself just hit them up today on phone, IG (@buddhabuddydc), website or place an order on their user-friendly app!

Of course, every delivery service we review on our site has been thoroughly vetted and has demonstrated their ability to provide high quality cannabis and exceptional customer service. To find all of our DC marijuana delivery service reviews and listings check out our Delivery Services page, and to stay up-to-date on all the BEST weed around make sure you're subscribed to Toker's Guide!

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