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Trail Blazers’ THC-infused Honey

We’ve all seen THC-infused coconut oil, olive oil and i’ve even seen infused avocado oil - but THC-infused honey?!?! OK - I’m officially hooked. Local edible brand, Trail Blazers, has mastered a potent, balanced honey infusion that’s sure to satisfy.


A lot of people are impressed by quirky infusions like honey or sugar and I am certainly not immune to that impression. This infused honey by Trail Blazers is thick, sweet, and its added THC is non-detectable in taste.

Everyone has their edible preference, right? Some people like the taste of bud in their chocolate bar and some prefer an indistinguishable taste from a non-infused product. I belong to the School of No Weed Taste. I don’t really know why. I guess for the same reason why I hate banana Laffy Taffy - you know, that “fake” banana flavor is I feel the same way about cannabis-infused food. Sometimes that weed flavor can come across as artificial and I just prefer a more discreet marijuana taste.

I’m happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed this canna-honey, but not only because of the lack of a canna-taste.

For one thing, it’s potent. At 100mg in just a 3oz jar (glass, I might add - props for the sustainable packaging 🤙 ), you have a ton of dosing and cooking options.


Depending on your tolerance and comfort level, you can dose this honey fairly easily. For my first taste I went with a ¼ tsp in my morning cup of coffee, which, according to their dosage information (1sp = 33mg), equaled about 8.25mg of THC.

After about 30 minutes I began to feel clear-headed and ready to take on the day’s tasks. I’m not sure what strain, or type of strain, Trail Blazers used to infuse this incredible THC honey, but it feels sativa-leaning. I’m about three hours out from that special cup of joe and I still feel focused and clear.


Speaking to how versatile this 100mg jar of honey really is, your list of recipe options is quite long. Honey can be used in just about any meal of the day, and this canna-honey is so well made that you could replace it with any “regular” honey you find in your favorite recipes.

Like I mentioned, I enjoy about 8-12mg (¼-½ tsp) in my morning coffee, but you can slab some of this honey on a peanut butter and banana sandwich, glaze it on your favorite dessert. I might recommend this easy almond-flour pancake recipe (and yes pancakes can be desserts!!).

Another great recipe option for this THC infused honey is a honey-garlic glaze. I like to use this glaze for grilled chicken or pork, but feel free to add this honey to any dish you see fit.

The recipe is super simple and elevates your favorite BBQ sauce! Just mix them all together in a small mixing bowl and it’s ready to be brushed on any protein on your dinner plate!

Quick n’ Easy THC-infused Honey Garlic Glaze:

  • 1sp garlic powder

  • 1 freshly minced garlic clove

  • ½ cup (or more, to taste) bbq sauce of your choice (I like Stubbs because it’s Gluten Free!)

  • 1sp Trail Blazers THC- infused honey (33mg)

  • A pinch of pepper

Whether it’s coffee or chicken, when adding this canna-honey to your recipe, you won’t be disappointed. Just be sure to triple check your dosing - too much of this quality THC honey in your coffee might have you missing a few emails that day! 😂

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